Removing, restricting right to travel — California Hassling Classic Car Owners


Lehto’s Law youtube channel


from the comments —


“We have this in Europe. It’s to the point that cars that are 15 years old can’t go within city centers. I live in a country where buying a new car is similar to putting down a huge down payment for a house or outright buying an apartment or house. The only cars I can afford are those 10-20 year old cars.”

“They also passed the CARB rule for diesel motorhomes which were supposed to be exempt. I drive my motorhome less then 3,000 miles per year, yes, PER YEAR.”

Remember seeing a movie back in the early 80s on one of those scrambled over the air TV stations that were a precursor to cable called The Last Chase starring Lee Majors and Burgess Meredith about a future America where cars and private vehicles are seized by an authoritarian government because oil was scarce. Majors plays a former race driver that uses his old race car on a high speed chase across the country to reach Free California.”

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