What “founded” really means — it means what we found after the mudflood – Coming to grips with the ‘thousand years’ that was added to our history…

Excavations reveal entire levels “built” underground.  Probably they weren’t really; instead, what most likely happened is that the buildings pre-existed our recorded history and were simply “founded” by us, post-mud-flood / post-cataclysm.  What makes more sense?  Either that, or our near ancestors were built facades underground and then buried them!  Those “in-charge” of “higher” education, … Read more

Melted weirdness of Battelle, Alabama – ‘impossible’ heating, melting of massive complex

‘Impossibly’ melted bricks and stones, coke ovens, pyramids, mud-flood at the secluded, massive Battelle ‘ghost town’ in Alabama wildnerness.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zClt4L0lFy4 Unveiling the Mystery of Battelle: Exploring “Impossibly” Melted Bricks, Pyramids, and Mud-Flood in an Alabama Ghost Town Nestled deep within the Alabama wilderness lies the enigmatic Battelle ‘ghost town,’ shrouded in mystery and intrigue. … Read more

Orchestrating Success: Strategic Harmonies for the Musician’s Business Odyssey, by Stephanie Haywood

Image by Freepik Orchestrating Success: Strategic Harmonies for the Musician’s Business Odyssey The leap from a casual pastime to a thriving business is not a mere change of pace, it’s a strategic metamorphosis. For musicians looking to chart a course from the rehearsal room to the realm of commerce, this journey involves more than just … Read more

Cheap Chinese Copies causing demise of FranTone and American-Made Quality Goods … and ultimately, promptly Innovation itself

“This is another evidence of China-made “competition” (AKA cheap copies) being allowed/used instead as an unbridled weapon against US-manufacturing and also innovation.” Among George Washington’s first acts as President was erection of trade tariffs / barriers to protect fledgling American industry from economic attack. Economic attack of course erodes the higher goals of Innovation. “Perhaps … Read more

Not claiming This is True, but it’s definitely an interesting viewpoint — Upon Inversion, Everything Suddenly Appears Refreshingly Sensible

The Powers That Shouldn’t Be constantly seek to pervert and invert perception. Therefore, inverting perception –presumably — reverts closer to if not exactly to original reality, before Their corruption/inversion.  Insanity and Incompetence suddenly make sense. This video does just that — “CIA AGENT ADMITS HIP HOP WAS A PSY-OP DESIGNED TO CORRUPT THE YOUTH AND … Read more