Lingams and Indian UGRA 441.4931 Hz — Ancient Lingams Are Rotating Machines? Frequency Device Hidden Inside? India’s Secrets Revealed!   In India, Lingams hold significant cultural, religious, and spiritual importance in Hinduism. A Lingam is a representation of the Hindu god Shiva, the deity associated with destruction, transformation, and regeneration in the Hindu pantheon. The Lingam is often depicted as an abstract or symbolic representation of Shiva’s creative and generative powers, as well … Read more

Vajrah – combo lightning weapon in the hand of giant Deity   CGPT In many mythologies and religious traditions, deities or divine beings are often depicted wielding powerful weapons associated with lightning or thunder. For example: Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir): In Norse mythology, Thor, the god of thunder, wields Mjölnir, a powerful hammer that is said to create lightning bolts when thrown. Mjölnir is one of … Read more

Re-Creating Astras – Were Ancient Weapons Real

“The weapon can slay any being within the three worlds…” The Mahabharata, Sanskrit epic of ancient India   “Astras” are ancient weapons mentioned in Hindu mythology and epics, particularly in texts like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. In Hindu mythology, these weapons are often described as celestial, divine, or supernatural in nature, possessing extraordinary … Read more

Bullet-proof Technology in a Temple

Batten roofing, made of granite.  Granite “nails”.  “Connecting rods” of several different patterns.  But, instead, everything appears to have been poured / molded. From video comment: “Davidovitz proved geopolymers used to mold complex “granite” shapes, etc. Back in the 1970s. Look him up, RE Egypt.”     I’m not aware of any individual … Read more

Evidence of Ancient Medical Technology. Are we a product of Genetic Engineering & DNA manipulation?

Praveen Mohan continues to confound, amaze, expand.   The idea that ancient civilizations possessed advanced medical technology and may have been influenced by genetic engineering and DNA manipulation is a topic that has been explored in various speculative and alternative historical theories. While there is limited empirical evidence to support such claims, proponents of … Read more

Musical Pillars, Ancient Knot How-tos — Decoding the SECRET OF NAGAS | Lost Technology Hidden in Ancient Temples | Praveen Mohan

Hey guys, in this video, I am going to decode some strange information about ancient technology, I have been researching this quietly for many years and gathering this data from several ancient temples of India. Let us take a look at this carving: What do you see? Two spectacularly intertwined snakes to create a mystical … Read more