Dr Ning Li, Redstone Arsenal researcher — The disappearance of America’s leading anti-gravity researcher

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qsbz8_G9WcU   ### The Enigmatic Dr. Ning Li and Her Quest for Anti-Gravity In the shadowed halls of theoretical physics and the corridors of Redstone Arsenal, the name Dr. Ning Li resonates with an air of mystery and wonder. Her pioneering work on anti-gravity and levitation has tantalized both the scientific community and the … Read more

The “Next Big Gotcha” ?

The Next Big Gotcha — also another aspect Totally Unmentioned Online, and probably not yet realized —– The EFF (electronic frontier foundation) which has been giving away free SSL certifications (on short, 90-day leases, vs years-long or lifetime leases for considerably more costly commercial SSL certification services) will be surreptitiously used to reign-in and control … Read more

From eyeballing M&M Mars unusual HQ in McLean, VA — to “Super Soldier” research involving Flavonoids and beyond

M&M Mars, Inc — headquarters of the candy company — 6885 Elm St, McLean, VA — Building has few, thin windows; no markings at all; nothing signifying M&M Mars Inc corporate anything.  Seems instead secretive, opposite of promotional, fun, candy, goodies.  Insider reports that the second floor is open-floorspace with no walls; single podium with a meat-cleaver; … Read more

Tartarystan — Jon Levi reconsiders the seven Central Asian “-stans” as Tartary, obliterated

Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgystan Pakistan Tajikistan Turkemnistan Uzbekistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDkeQrTuH6Q     === Exploring Turkmenistan as Tartary: Unraveling Historical and Cultural Enigmas In recent years, the notion of Turkmenistan being part of the fabled Tartary has garnered attention and sparked discussions among researchers and enthusiasts delving into alternative historical narratives. Jon Levi, a prominent researcher in this … Read more

Irradiation from iPhone same whether phone “on” or “off”

I fortunately live in a place where cellphones do not work. Years ago I had an early iphone. I left it sitting turned “on” one night. Next morning, dead battery. A day or three later I left it sitting turned “off” one night. Next morning, dead battery. This was right around the time that someone … Read more

Development of Film, TV, Videotape

• How his video tape recorder saved the ABC network • Who coined the term “glitch” • Why the first video field shoots involved 1 ton “portable” video decks on pickups • Why it was so hard to invent the video tape recorder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwt26VPO9tw   The development of film, television, and videotape represents significant milestones … Read more

Admission: Microsoft software team, from top down, knowingly produced security-weak, inferior products – Pre-buggy time-bombs?

This key guy says so, from minute 3 – 5. From the comments: “Shows the deep dumbness of their design philosophy. The continual recreation ensures perpetual havoc…beneficial to the guy who can’t even sell his own software virus-free, let alone be in-charge of keeping the world [virus]-free.”  [because MS can sell more manuals, training, support, … Read more

Evidence of Ancient Medical Technology. Are we a product of Genetic Engineering & DNA manipulation?

Praveen Mohan continues to confound, amaze, expand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thGz-4ve3eA   The idea that ancient civilizations possessed advanced medical technology and may have been influenced by genetic engineering and DNA manipulation is a topic that has been explored in various speculative and alternative historical theories. While there is limited empirical evidence to support such claims, proponents of … Read more

The Self-Stultifying Nature of Science – Bosnian Pyramids Irrefutably Upset Ancient History

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4xu3CsHUz4   Bosnian Pyramids: The Bosnian Pyramids refer to a controversial archaeological site located near the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Discovered in the early 2000s by amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagić, these pyramid-shaped hills have sparked debate within the archaeological community, with some claiming that they are man-made structures dating back thousands of … Read more

Quantum Computing .. MADE to break encryption

Around 13:00 in — First algorithm developed for QC is Schorr’s Algo — discovers prime factors of really large numbers — THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF DECRYPTION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3fz3dqhN44   CGPT It seems there’s a slight mix-up in the information provided. The first algorithm developed for quantum computing (QC) that gained significant attention for its ability … Read more

History of Cathode Ray Tubes with Kathy Joseph — EEVblog 1577

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnJ7mQ_Fo-8   Book: “LIGHTNING TAMERS”   Fathers of vacuum tube / electron valves LEE DEFOREST — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnJ7mQ_Fo-8 EDWIN ARMSTRONG (super heterodyne) — https://duckduckgo.com/?q=vacuum+tube%2C+armstrong REGINALD FESSENDEN — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reginald_Fessenden First image created by CRT — Maltese Cross. Crookes member of Golden Dawn. Occult all wrapped up in this. One purpose was to contact dead.   ERIC DOLLARD talked about this … Read more

“Pay-To-Survive” Autopilot, Digital-IDs, CBDCs, end of autonomy, privacy, life

Message to Lilly, from insurance/bankster, revealing programs, agendae already underway — Insurance for old cars to be ceased; forcing acquisition of new cars, electric/digital-cars.  Loaded with microwaves, internet connectivity, tracking, monitoring, authentications unending, full remote control. Autopilot safety will be higher for those paying more. Battery tax, based on watt hours per kilogram. 6:39 in … Read more

TESLA Roadster, released “open source” per Elon Musk

Information available so far is not full production ready — you can not replicate from parts the TESLA ROADSTER; however, there is information down to legitimate circuit-level detail. Super-interesting regarding the ‘theory’ and also ‘circuits’ which includes altium schematics. — from the comments — “What they released is everything a dealer technician would need to … Read more

Monthly subscriptions for car features — BMW Heated Seats, pay monthly

  https://www.bitchute.com/video/LF7djdvFso4/   69% of respondents said they would switch brands if key/enough wanted features were only available on monthly subscription. Hedging; risking customer loyalty to generate revenue .. No surprise there.  Perfect timing, too — coincides with general push by some manufacturers to make it “illegal” to work on your own cars, machinery, equipment, … Read more