More Under Malta – ADVANCED PRE-FLOOD civilization FOUND Underground in Malta, Paul Cook Multiple-level underground complex, built with geopolymer, mudflooded/covered, forgotten. CGPT — Malta has a rich archaeological history, with sites dating back to the Neolithic period. The Ġgantija temples, for example, are among the oldest freestanding structures in the world, dating back to around 3600 BCE. These temples, along with other megalithic structures found on the … Read more

Our Hijacked Timeline with Michelle Gibson

Rings true.  Michelle Gibson is one of those exceedingly rare researchers whose findings — if even one sentence of which is true — inexorably causes rethink and rewrite of all “known” history.  However, we must always beware the confounding and misleading layers in the profound “onion of lies” constructed over such long time to do … Read more

False History of Power — the fabulous Jon Levi channel — old world dam and powerstation at Niagara Falls   The old world dam and power station at Niagara Falls are historically significant landmarks that played a crucial role in the development of hydroelectric power generation. Here’s an overview: 1. **History**: The construction of the old world dam and power station at Niagara Falls dates back to the late 19th and early 20th … Read more

Sound, Light, Frequency and the Power to Heal – with Eileen McKusick and Autodidactic

Power to Heal

Bushwhacking Tartaria Interview with Michelle Gibson on Star Forts, Cathedrals, Resonance, Healing — Astonishing research, info

Excellent interview, wide-ranging information.   Michelle Gibson is a researcher and author known for her work on topics related to alternative history, ancient civilizations, sacred geometry, and energy phenomena. While she has discussed various subjects in her research, including star forts, cathedrals, resonance, and healing, it’s important to note that her work is often … Read more

Bosnian Pyramids update, Osmanagich, Croatia, Sept 2015

Parts 1 and 2 are also excellent, particularly second-half of Part 1 in which Dr Valery Uvarov describes the construction of the pyramid complex at Tomsk.   Dr. Valery Uvarov is a Russian scientist and researcher known for his work on alternative and esoteric topics, including pyramidology. He has discussed various theories related to … Read more

The Self-Stultifying Nature of Science – Bosnian Pyramids Irrefutably Upset Ancient History   Bosnian Pyramids: The Bosnian Pyramids refer to a controversial archaeological site located near the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Discovered in the early 2000s by amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagić, these pyramid-shaped hills have sparked debate within the archaeological community, with some claiming that they are man-made structures dating back thousands of … Read more

Things Egyptologists wont say, Pyramids, Conspiracies. Stephen Mehler Stephen Mehler is an alternative Egyptologist and author known for his unconventional theories about ancient Egypt and the pyramids. He has written extensively on topics such as ancient Egyptian spirituality, the origins of the Sphinx, and the construction techniques of the pyramids. Mehler’s work often challenges mainstream Egyptology and explores alternative interpretations of archaeological … Read more

Mystery Origins of Modern Music, by Christopher Knowles

Jan Irvin of in conversation and discussing the ancient mystery tradition, origins of modern rock and roll with Christopher Knowles regarding his new book The Secret History of Rock N Roll. C   “Modern Music: The Mystery Origins of Music” by Christopher Knowles is a book that delves into the origins and evolution … Read more