Mystery Origins of Modern Music, by Christopher Knowles

Jan Irvin of in conversation and discussing the ancient mystery tradition, origins of modern rock and roll with Christopher Knowles regarding his new book The Secret History of Rock N Roll. C


“Modern Music: The Mystery Origins of Music” by Christopher Knowles is a book that delves into the origins and evolution of modern music, exploring various theories and hypotheses surrounding its development. While I couldn’t find specific information on a book with this exact title by Christopher Knowles, it’s possible that the author has written on related topics or that the book you’re referring to may have a slightly different title.

If you’re interested in exploring the origins of modern music, you may find books on music history, ethnomusicology, or cultural studies to be helpful. These books often trace the development of musical styles, genres, and movements over time, shedding light on the cultural, social, and technological factors that have influenced the evolution of music.

Additionally, Christopher Knowles is known for his work in various fields, including conspiracy theories, symbolism, and popular culture. It’s possible that the book you mentioned may approach the topic of modern music from a unique or unconventional perspective, drawing connections to broader themes or phenomena. If you have more specific information about the book or its content, please feel free to share, and I can provide further insights!

Potential Themes and Topics

Given Christopher Knowles’s areas of expertise, “Mystery Origins of Modern Music” likely covers several intriguing themes:

  • Ancient and Esoteric Influences: The book may investigate how ancient myths, religious rituals, and esoteric practices have influenced the development of modern music, from classical compositions to contemporary pop and rock genres.
  • Symbolism in Music: Knowles might explore the use of symbolism in music and its album art, lyrics, and performances, revealing deeper meanings that connect to ancient myths or occult practices.
  • Cultural Fusion: The work could examine how the blending of different cultural traditions has contributed to the evolution of music, highlighting the global exchange of musical ideas and instruments.
  • Innovators and Icons: The book may profile key figures in the music industry who were known for their esoteric interests or who played pivotal roles in integrating these elements into mainstream music.

Relevance to Modern Music

Exploring the mysterious origins of modern music can provide insights into the creative processes behind some of the most influential works in music history. It can also offer a deeper appreciation for the cultural and spiritual dimensions of music, beyond its entertainment value. For enthusiasts of music, culture, and esotericism, Knowles’s work could serve as a fascinating guide to the hidden layers of meaning in modern music.


While specific details about “Mystery Origins of Modern Music” by Christopher Knowles are not available, the themes likely covered in the book reflect a compelling exploration of how ancient, mystical, and cultural influences have shaped the music we listen to today. Knowles’s work invites readers to listen more deeply and to consider the broader historical and spiritual contexts of modern music genres. For anyone interested in the intersection of music, mythology, and the mysterious, this book would likely offer rich insights and discoveries.


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