Sensible, Clear Truth About Pyramids — Dr Samir, Bosnian Pyramids on Veritas


If you watch one thing about pyramids, this should be it. There are two more.   “Veritas” is a multimedia platform that explores a wide range of topics, including alternative science, spirituality, and conspiracy theories. In 2014, they featured an interview with Dr. Sam Osmanagich, who is known for his controversial claims about the … Read more

Dr. Semir Osmanagich – Pyramids Around The World (hundreds of thousands!)

Over 100,000 suspected pyramids just in Mexican jungles alone.  … prevalent as power substations…..   Dr. Semir Osmanagich, also known as “the Bosnian Indiana Jones,” is a Bosnian-American author, researcher, and businessman who gained international attention for his controversial claims regarding ancient pyramids. He is primarily known for his work in … Read more

Dr. Sam Osmanagich — The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

The oldest, biggest, most perfectly aligned pyramids are in Bosnia, not Egypt.  You can even go help dig.  Now why didn’t you know that?     Dr. Sam Osmanagich is a Bosnian-American author, researcher, and businessman who gained attention for his claims about the existence of ancient pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He … Read more

Ancient Hidden Technology Use of Sound   The concept of ancient hidden technology using sound involves the idea that various ancient civilizations possessed advanced knowledge of acoustics and harnessed sound for practical and mystical purposes. This encompasses a wide range of applications, from constructing megalithic structures to healing practices and spiritual rituals. While some claims are speculative and not widely … Read more

Visoko, Enigma of the Bosnian Pyramids, Huger and Deeper than Giza

This is probably the most important geological discovery and work in this lifetime. It is accessible, unlike Egypt. Several pyramids in the Bosnian complex are arranged in specific geometric pattern.     Visoko, often referred to as the “Enigma of the Bosnian Pyramids,” is a town located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It gained international … Read more