Current Best Info on Construction and Purpose of All Major Pyramids as of June 2024

Current Best Info on Construction and Purpose of All Major Pyramids

And there are many, many pyramids, suspected (by Dr Samir Osmanagich) over 100k in Central America alone.

June 2024

No mummies have ever been found in any pyramids anywhere. That incredibly persistent myth is a fabrication by evil ‘elites’ or idiotic minions to mislead and waylay lazy minds.

The current (as of June 2024) ‘best info’ regarding construction and purpose of pyramids is explained by three theories, two of which have already been proven by full revelation of theory, means and processes that subsequently allowed reproduction of pyramids and stones poured-in-place from liquified materials.

1. Jeff Drum’s LAND OF CHEM working theory that pyramids were large-scale industrial chemical production facilities for creating methane, ammonium (“amen”, “amun”), potassium nitrate and other fertilizers and chemicals necessary for manufacturing.

2. Moreover; in the 1970s DAVIDOVITZ proved “geopolymer” theory (that the pyramid stone blocks were poured-in-place from liquid material that solidified into what we see today) by recreating a small-scale pyramid via basic chemistry using only materials readily available in Egypt.

3. Softening / liquification of granite stone – — 3. Liquified granite as means for quarrying, excavating, caring, shaping, forming, hewing.

4. Pyramids as Power Plants – this alternative theory presented the first major engineering-based explanation that wholly diverged from the traditional ‘Egyptologist’ false mystique. It directly led to Jeff Drum’s LAND OF CHEM work which has supplanted it.

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