“Conspiracy Queries” – Baltimore Key Bridge #18 – Predictions Already Coming True — North Pillar massive “wilted gun” evidence quietly removed out-of-logical-order, before temporary channel cleared

This is #18 in a series — Summary + Index — https://soundquality.org/sets#baltimore-key-bridge   As we predicted on 6 Apr in Part #5, the North Pillar has been quietly “cleaned” of its massive “wilted gun” evidence out-of-logical-order. The structural steel girders that were left “impossibly wilted” and draped, drooping from the North Pillar — which were … Read more

“Conspiracy Queries” — Baltimore Key Bridge #3 – Links to and commentary on Peggy Hall’s ongoing critical analysis of the calamity

This is #3 in a series — Summary + Index — https://soundquality.org/sets#baltimore-key-bridge Peggy Hall has been doing good reporting and analysis on the Baltimore Key Bridge Event — here is my commentary on her analyses and links to her superb work —   “Wait until the dead bodies are found in some of the shipping … Read more

Explosive military document shows true effects of 5G

Released 1994 in final dire warning before 1997 onslaught of cellular phone industry hockey-stick growth. https://www.bitchute.com/video/U92yJsZ1IOSs/   PDF — RF MW Radiation Biological Effects Safety Standards Scott M Bolen 1994 ADA282886 The report titled “Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review” by Scott M. Bolen, published in June 1994 by the Rome Laboratory … Read more

From eyeballing M&M Mars unusual HQ in McLean, VA — to “Super Soldier” research involving Flavonoids and beyond

M&M Mars, Inc — headquarters of the candy company — 6885 Elm St, McLean, VA — Building has few, thin windows; no markings at all; nothing signifying M&M Mars Inc corporate anything.  Seems instead secretive, opposite of promotional, fun, candy, goodies.  Insider reports that the second floor is open-floorspace with no walls; single podium with a meat-cleaver; … Read more