Why Pyramids Work — The Electrical Function of Pyramids, detailed by Dan Winter with Dr Sam Osmanagich

Electrical Function of Pyramids

A “shem unto the Lord” is an electrical charge machine.

100,000 pyramids, nearly all buried in jungles, in Central America.

The Electrical Function of Pyramids: Insights from Dr. Samir Osmanagich and Michael Tellinger

The allure of pyramids has captivated human imagination for centuries, not just as architectural marvels but also as potential energy hubs. Recent studies and explorations suggest that these ancient structures might have been used for more than just burial sites or ceremonial centers. This blog post delves into the electrical functions of pyramids, focusing on the findings of Dr. Samir Osmanagich in Bosnia and Michael Tellinger in South Africa. We will explore the discovery of acoustic and electromagnetic phenomena associated with these pyramids, examining their potential as amplifiers of natural energies.

Dr. Samir Osmanagich and the Bosnian Pyramids

Dr. Samir Osmanagich, the principal researcher of the Bosnian pyramids, has unearthed fascinating discoveries that challenge conventional understanding. The Pyramid of the Sun, located in Visoko, Bosnia, stands as one of the most intriguing pyramids in the world. Among its many secrets is the detection of a 28 kHz acoustic wave emanating from its apex.

The 28 kHz Acoustic Wave

Researchers have detected a continuous electromagnetic beam coming from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. This beam, oscillating at 28 kHz, is not only an enigma but also a potential indicator of the pyramid’s role in harnessing and transmitting energy. The presence of this wave suggests an advanced understanding of acoustics and electromagnetic fields by the pyramid’s builders.

Internal Resonances in the Ravne Tunnels

Further investigations in the Ravne Tunnels, a labyrinthine network beneath the pyramid complex, revealed resonances at the K2 monolith. These internal resonances suggest that the tunnels and structures within the pyramid complex were designed to amplify and manipulate acoustic vibrations. The precise alignment and construction of these tunnels enhance their ability to channel and resonate sound waves, potentially serving various energetic and healing purposes.

Michael Tellinger’s Discoveries in South Africa

Michael Tellinger, an author and researcher, has made groundbreaking discoveries in South Africa, where he has explored ancient stone circles and their energetic properties. One of the most remarkable findings is the emission of 13 GHz frequencies inside these stone circles.

The 13 GHz Emissions

Tellinger’s research indicates that the stone circles emit electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 13 GHz. These emissions point to the possibility that these structures were used to harness and amplify electromagnetic energy. The precise engineering of these stone circles suggests a sophisticated understanding of natural energies, potentially for communication, healing, or other purposes.

Acoustic Levitation and the Role of Mercury and Iron

One of the most intriguing aspects of pyramid studies is the potential use of acoustic levitation. Ancient texts and modern experiments suggest that sound waves at specific frequencies can levitate objects. This phenomenon might explain how massive stone blocks were transported and assembled in pyramid construction.

Mercury and Iron Beneath Pyramids

The presence of mercury pools and iron plates beneath some pyramids adds another layer of complexity. Mercury, a conductor of electricity, and iron, known for its magnetic properties, could have been used to enhance the pyramids’ ability to generate and amplify energy. These materials might have served as part of an ancient electrical grid, harnessing the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field.

Piezoelectric Effects from Water Flow

Pyramids are often situated near sources of flowing water. This placement is not coincidental. Flowing water generates piezoelectric effects, converting mechanical stress into electrical energy. The continuous movement of water beneath the pyramids could create a steady flow of energy, further amplified by the pyramid’s structure.

Valery Uvarov’s Research: Positive Effects on Seeds and Plant Germination

Valery Uvarov, a Russian researcher, has explored the positive effects of pyramid energy on seeds and plant growth. His studies indicate that seeds germinated inside pyramids show enhanced growth rates and increased resistance to diseases.

Improved Seed Germination and Plant Growth

Uvarov’s experiments involved placing seeds inside pyramid structures and observing their germination rates and subsequent growth. The results consistently showed that seeds exposed to pyramid energy sprouted faster and grew more robustly compared to those in control groups. This phenomenon suggests that pyramids can create a beneficial environment for plant life, possibly by amplifying natural energies that promote biological processes.

Dan Winter: Implosive Vortex Energies and Health Benefits

Dan Winter, an expert in sacred geometry and biofeedback, has studied implosive vortex energies and their health benefits. He posits that the shape and design of pyramids can create implosive energy fields that are beneficial to human health.

Vortex Energies and Healing

Winter’s research focuses on how implosive vortex energies, generated by the geometric design of pyramids, can harmonize with the human body’s energy fields. These energies are believed to promote healing, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. By aligning with the natural frequencies of the human body, pyramid structures can serve as powerful tools for health and rejuvenation.

Ken Wheeler: Magnetic Fields and Seed Growth

Ken Wheeler, a researcher and author, has explored the effects of magnetic fields on seed growth. His findings suggest that specific magnetic configurations can enhance the growth and vitality of plants.

Magnetic Fields and Plant Vitality

Wheeler’s experiments demonstrate that exposing seeds to certain magnetic fields can significantly improve their germination rates and growth patterns. These findings align with the idea that natural energies, when properly harnessed, can enhance biological processes. Pyramids, with their ability to amplify and focus these energies, could play a crucial role in agricultural practices.

Dolmens, Monoliths, and Stone Towers: Enhancing Soil and Seed Growth

Ancient structures such as dolmens, monoliths, and stone towers have long been associated with mystical and energetic properties. Recent research suggests that these structures can improve soil quality and seed growth, acting as natural amplifiers of beneficial energies.

Soil Enhancement and Agricultural Benefits

Dolmens and monoliths, often found near ancient agricultural sites, are believed to enhance soil fertility and promote healthier plant growth. These structures might work by amplifying natural earth energies, creating a more conducive environment for agriculture. Similarly, stone towers could serve as focal points for energy fields, boosting the vitality of the surrounding soil and plants.

Pyramids as Amplifiers of Acoustic and Electromagnetic Vibrations

The collective findings from Dr. Osmanagich, Michael Tellinger, Valery Uvarov, Dan Winter, and Ken Wheeler suggest that pyramids and other ancient structures function as amplifiers of both acoustic and electromagnetic vibrations. These ancient constructions, meticulously designed and strategically placed, harness and enhance natural energies, serving various purposes from healing to agriculture.


The exploration of the electrical functions of pyramids reveals a sophisticated understanding of natural energies by ancient civilizations. The discoveries of Dr. Samir Osmanagich in Bosnia, Michael Tellinger in South Africa, Valery Uvarov’s seed experiments, Dan Winter’s vortex energy studies, and Ken Wheeler’s magnetic field research challenge our conventional understanding and open new avenues for exploration. These findings highlight the potential of pyramids and related structures as powerful energy amplifiers, demonstrating the ingenuity and advanced knowledge of our ancestors. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of these ancient constructions, we may uncover more about their true purpose and the remarkable capabilities of their builders.

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