“Reincarney” — Taylor Swift, an interesting gematrical decoding …and more

Taylor Swift Zeena LaVey

An interesting gematrical decoding

In a comment left on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_9Jb4ndgOc appears this gem:

Taylor swift = 51 66 the eras tour = 51 66 it released October 13 2023 and I noticed Taylor swift had a 13 made of rhinestones on her guitar, I. also she sold the tickets to children and seniors for $13.13 because “it’s her lucky number” she was born December 13 1989 the movie premiered on October 11 in the grove the grove = 35 46 like catholic Taylor = 35 the eras tour started on march 17th and will end December 8th 2024 the 353rd day of the years which is the 71st prime like Taylor 71. it also has a date numerology of 54 like jesuit order and 74 which is funny because the tour started in Glendale which = 33 her fans are called swifties, swiftie = 44 37 like the date numerology for December 8th 2024 is actually the kill date and 44 64, maybe we see her die next year? it will conclude on December 8th in Vancouver Canada, Vancouver Canada = 89 like the years she was born which multiple of her albums are named after and come up many times. it consisted of 151 shows which is the 36th prime like IHS = 36 Taylor = 35 like the grove and Vancouver Canada = 55 like Satan and she did a tour called “tour in red” 10 years ago so their might be a Satan connection I am missing as well.

Then of course there is this gem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgBp8S04akA


Based on the carnival atmosphere, or perhaps as a twist on ‘carnival workers reincarnating amongst us’, we’re coining another new word, “reincarney“.

Reincarney captures the carnival-like atmosphere of the Taylor Swift phenomenon, coupled with undertones of enchantment and perhaps sorcery. Her shocking likeness to Zeena LaVey, daughter of the Church of Satan's founder, should perhaps not be lightly dismissed.
Reincarney captures the carnival-like atmosphere of the Taylor Swift phenomenon, coupled with undertones of enchantment and perhaps sorcery. Her apparent likeness to Zeena LaVey, daughter of the Church of Satan’s founder, should perhaps not be lightly dismissed.

Target audience: young, conservative Christian girls

Taylor Swift: Family Background and Bloodline

Taylor Swift, one of the most successful and influential artists of her generation, comes from a background that reflects both musical and financial acumen. Born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania, Taylor Alison Swift is the daughter of Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Gardner Swift (née Finlay). Her father, Scott Swift, is a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, and her mother, Andrea, worked as a mutual fund marketing executive before becoming a full-time mother to support Taylor’s burgeoning career.

Taylor’s ancestry includes a mix of Scottish, Irish, English, and German heritage. The Swift family has deep roots in Pennsylvania, and their lineage includes several notable ancestors who were early settlers in the United States. This background provided a stable and supportive environment that nurtured Taylor’s early interest in music and performance.

Anton LaVey: Daughter and Satanism

Anton LaVey, born Howard Stanton Levey, was the founder of the Church of Satan and author of The Satanic Bible. LaVey’s life was marked by his controversial views and flamboyant persona, which garnered both a dedicated following and significant criticism. Among his three children, Zeena LaVey is the most prominent in the public eye. Born on November 19, 1963, Zeena Schreck (née LaVey) was heavily involved in the Church of Satan during her early life, even serving as its High Priestess for a time.

Zeena eventually broke away from her father’s church and denounced his teachings. She has since pursued a career as an artist, musician, and spiritual teacher. Her departure from the Church of Satan and subsequent life choices highlight a complex relationship with her father’s legacy and the philosophy he espoused.

The Likeness Between Zeena LaVey and Taylor Swift

A curious and oft-discussed topic in certain internet circles is the striking physical resemblance between Zeena LaVey and Taylor Swift. This resemblance has fueled various conspiracy theories and speculations, with some suggesting a deeper connection or even familial ties between the two women. While there is no concrete evidence to support these theories, the visual similarities are indeed intriguing.

Both women share high cheekbones, striking eyes, and similar facial structures, leading to comparisons that paint them as almost mother and daughter in appearance. These similarities have sparked discussions ranging from light-hearted musings to more elaborate theories involving occult connections and secret bloodlines.

While the notion of a direct connection between Zeena LaVey and Taylor Swift is more fiction than fact, the fascination with their resemblance underscores a broader cultural interest in the mysteries and intersections of public figures’ lives. As with many such theories, the truth is likely far more mundane, rooted in coincidence and the diverse gene pools that contribute to human diversity.

In conclusion, while Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey lead vastly different lives and come from distinct backgrounds, their physical resemblance remains a point of curiosity and conversation among fans and conspiracy theorists alike. This comparison, while interesting, is a testament to the human penchant for finding patterns and connections in the world around us.

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