Mark Devlin: Is This The End Of Music?


Mark Devlin is a British author, DJ, and public speaker known for his work on the topics of music industry manipulation, mind control, and the occult symbolism present in the entertainment industry. While Devlin’s views have garnered attention and controversy, it’s essential to approach them critically and with an understanding of various perspectives within the field.

Devlin has written books such as “Musical Truth” and “Musical Truth 2,” in which he explores the darker side of the music industry, including the prevalence of mind control techniques, occult symbolism, and the agendas of powerful elite groups. He suggests that the music industry is used as a tool for social engineering and mass manipulation, and that many popular artists are under the influence of unseen forces seeking to control and influence the masses.

In his talks and presentations, Devlin discusses how the music industry has been co-opted by nefarious interests to promote agendas such as materialism, consumerism, and the erosion of traditional values. He delves into topics such as the use of symbolism, subliminal messaging, and occult rituals in music videos, performances, and album artwork.

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