“The Most Entitled 16 Year Old Girl Ever (police bodycam)”

“I am a special educator of 13 years. Started teaching at 22. I will admit, this is not abnormal occurrence anymore. Children verbally/physically attacking teachers, faculty, and officers. Kindergarten to seniors, and mainly not the special education students. Respect is first taught at home. It’s getting tough out there.”



“The biggest question is why would she want to stay on school grounds. As a kid most people jumped at any reason to go home, good or not.”

Is this behavior being inculcated, activated by musical means?  There are not training videos for this kind of behavior, so it must be side-effect of some other pathway?  DO WHAT THOU WILT IS THE WHOLE OF THE LAW is Aleister Crowley’s Satanic motto.  The mouth, verbal defense (however ineffective).  The oafish stubbornness to comply despite every indication of resistance’s futility (the many observers standing around; the cop’s attention, then vice-grip and ultimately body-weight that is unrelenting; the process of events continually resulting in further loss of freedom).  An observer might conclude existence of horrible detachment from reality and a profound misunderstanding of action, consequence.  The mother’s demeanor is interesting also, reminding of someone berated, somehow ‘having been there before’, no?  Mom’s presence immediately pacified the daughter.


See also https://soundquality.org/2023/12/the-most-entitled-13-year-old-ever-police-bodycam/

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There is pattern here — the wild, googly eyes, the combative affrontiveness — See Also WHEN THE MOST ENTITLED 16 YEAR OLDS GET ARRESTED — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GMjALgLudE




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