“The Most Entitled 13 Year Old Ever (Police Bodycam)”

We’ve all seen growing badness.  This seems particularly egregious.  “Entitled” doesn’t really seem to cover it.  Not sure there is a word for it but instead maybe a phrase describing utter disconnect between attitude and behavior versus perception and consequence.  The programming for such viewpoint and behavior is surely coming via media and music which exhorts, ‘do what thou will’ ? Of all intelligible ‘words’ spoken by the minor, more than 50% are curse; many are slang, many sound slurred into something resembling whiney-yappy drivel — possibly worth a quick listen to become familiar as what spills from the mouth overflows from the heart sometimes filtered by the mind.  Overall this situation and its ominous extrapolation is a tarbaby conundrum; even Lennon Honor would be confounded.  Over 56,000 comments to the video which was posted 7 days ago on 23 Dec 2023 — already a minor celebrity as posterchild for angst, self-disrespect and derailment!



4 thoughts on ““The Most Entitled 13 Year Old Ever (Police Bodycam)””

  1. From the video description (with addition from comments) —

    Note for privacy reviewer:

    No individual in the video is uniquely identifiable by a combination of image, voice, full name, government identification number, bank account number, contact information (e.g. home address, email address) or other uniquely identifiable information

    Additionally, this video is posted in public interest and is newsworthy.

    Furthermore, the video and the information is otherwise publicly available on the Las Cruces Police Department website.

  2. Comments from the video —

    “I could barely understand a word this kid said, how do we have people her age speaking so poorly? After watching this I texted my mother at 1 am just to thank her for all she’s done to raise me right, and that I love her. Anyone watching should do the same to your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, coach, mentor, scout leader, etc. Kids are a direct reflection of their environments, this is proof.”

    “She’s going to burn out early if she doesn’t get her life together. To be like this at 13 is insane”

    “Even the “bad” kids in my generation never spoke to elders like these two did.”

    “In defense of the mother’s phone call at around 37:30 — she was probably basing her response upon her daughter’s recollection, and neither had yet seen the video footage. One would think the daughter’s soul would be (or would become) embarassed by her behavior. The sudden onset of the officer at the takedown…it is what it is; everyone has a pivot point, and to be so wantonly disrespected, it’s a kind of being spat-upon.”

    “I know she’s just a kid, but this kind of behavior is just going to get worse if it’s not corrected now because she just thinks she could say and do whatever she wants without any consequences”

    “Feral is a word apropos.”

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