1994 Denver Airport Mural — Oxygen Limiting Masks, Worldwide

    Directly relating to speed limiters, breathing limiters — https://soundquality.org/2024/02/breathing-limiter-introduced-as-vr-sim-akin-to-speed-limiter-can-you-connect-their-dots-yet/ https://soundquality.org/2024/02/more-lies-car-safety-standards-peggy-hall/ https://soundquality.org/2024/01/more-big-bro-gov-insanity-speed-limiters-on-all-trucks/   Preplanning for oxygen depletion dates back to at least 1994 when the Denver Airport murals “predicted” an awful future. Of course the best way to fulfill a “prediction” is to cause. Aldous Huxley wrote, decades ago, about how most citizens would … Read more

“The Most Entitled 13 Year Old Ever (Police Bodycam)”

We’ve all seen growing badness.  This seems particularly egregious.  “Entitled” doesn’t really seem to cover it.  Not sure there is a word for it but instead maybe a phrase describing utter disconnect between attitude and behavior versus perception and consequence.  The programming for such viewpoint and behavior is surely coming via media and music which … Read more

Mark Devlin outs musical mind-control mechanisms, for the thousandth time – with Maria Nikolaidi, March 2023

“I realized that the music industry is a control structure used for mass mind-control, the pushing of social engineering agendaes, and the advancement of the New World Order (“master plan”, we can call it, which is the elites’ idea of completely subjugating and enslaving all of humanity).” — Mark Devlin, 2:51 into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvvC4jm3SVM “The very … Read more