Sensible, Clear Truth About Pyramids 2014 — Stephen Mehler


Stephen Mehler is an author and researcher known for his work on ancient Egyptian spirituality and esoteric traditions. In his book “The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology,” Mehler presents his perspective on the ancient Egyptian civilization and its monuments, including the pyramids.

Mehler’s approach to the pyramids differs from more mainstream views in archaeology. He proposes that the ancient Egyptians, whom he refers to as the “Khemitians,” possessed advanced knowledge and technology that allowed them to construct the pyramids with precision and purpose. According to Mehler, the Khemitians had a deep understanding of natural forces, cosmic principles, and spiritual wisdom, which they encoded into the design and symbolism of the pyramids.

In “The Land of Osiris,” Mehler emphasizes the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the pyramids, suggesting that they served as centers of initiation, healing, and cosmic alignment. He draws on esoteric traditions and oral teachings from indigenous Egyptian elders to support his interpretations of the pyramids’ purpose and significance.

While Mehler’s ideas about the pyramids are intriguing to some enthusiasts of alternative history and esotericism, they are considered controversial within the academic and archaeological communities. Mainstream scholars generally attribute the construction of the pyramids to human labor and ingenuity, without invoking speculative theories about advanced technology or lost civilizations.

It’s important to approach Mehler’s perspectives on the pyramids critically and to consider alternative viewpoints from experts in archaeology, Egyptology, and related fields. While his interpretations may offer interesting insights into ancient Egyptian spirituality and metaphysics, they are not widely accepted within the scholarly community and should be evaluated with caution.


“Sense, Clear Truth About Pyramids 2014” appears to be a lecture or presentation by Stephen Mehler, an author, researcher, and Egyptologist known for his work on ancient Egyptian civilization, particularly regarding the construction and purpose of the pyramids. Mehler has written several books and articles on the subject, drawing on his extensive research and fieldwork in Egypt.

In his presentations, Mehler aims to provide clear and accessible explanations of the mysteries surrounding the pyramids of Egypt, debunking myths and misconceptions while offering insights into their historical, cultural, and spiritual significance. He often emphasizes the importance of understanding the ancient Egyptian worldview, cosmology, and religious beliefs to fully appreciate the purpose and function of the pyramids.

Some key themes that Mehler may address in his presentation include:

1. **Construction Techniques**: Mehler explores the various theories and hypotheses regarding the construction methods employed by the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids. He discusses the evidence for and against different construction techniques, including the use of ramps, sledges, and levers.

2. **Purpose and Function**: Mehler delves into the possible purposes and functions of the pyramids, considering their roles as royal tombs, astronomical observatories, and religious monuments. He examines the alignment of the pyramids with celestial phenomena and the symbolic significance of their architecture and orientation.

3. **Symbolism and Meaning**: Mehler interprets the symbolism and meaning encoded in the design and decoration of the pyramids, exploring their connections to ancient Egyptian mythology, cosmology, and spiritual beliefs. He considers how the pyramids reflect the Egyptians’ understanding of the afterlife, resurrection, and divine kingship.

4. **Contemporary Perspectives**: Mehler may address modern interpretations and controversies surrounding the pyramids, including alternative theories proposed by researchers and enthusiasts. He offers critical analysis and scholarly insights into the validity and credibility of various claims and interpretations.

Overall, “Sense, Clear Truth About Pyramids 2014” by Stephen Mehler likely provides an informative and engaging exploration of one of the most enduring mysteries of ancient civilization. Mehler’s expertise and passion for the subject make his presentations valuable resources for anyone interested in learning more about the enigmatic wonders of the Egyptian pyramids.

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