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Mauritian Pyramids

Pyramids on Mauritius identical to pyramids also on Tenerife and Cyprus.


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The “Mauritian pyramids” are a series of structures located in Mauritius, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. These structures have attracted attention due to their resemblance to step pyramids found in other parts of the world, such as those in Mesoamerica and ancient Mesopotamia. However, the origin, purpose, and historical context of these Mauritian structures are subjects of debate and speculation.

### Research and Investigation

Despite the controversy and speculation surrounding these structures, there is a consensus that more systematic archaeological research and investigation are needed to determine their origins, age, and purpose. As of now, definitive conclusions about the Mauritian pyramids remain elusive, with most information on them stemming from amateur investigations and speculative reports rather than rigorous academic research.

### Conclusion

The “Mauritian pyramids” remain a fascinating topic for enthusiasts of ancient mysteries and archaeology. While they capture the imagination and invite comparisons with other monumental structures worldwide, their true history and purpose are yet to be fully understood. Further research could provide valuable insights into the history of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region.

Mauritian Pyramids

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