Probably why mourning is natural …and vital — ASTRAL TRAVEL, REMOTE VIEWING & OBE: Physics of INNER SUPERPOWERS -Dan Winter at Portal to Ascension

Oct 31, 2023

ASTRAL TRAVEL, REMOTE VIEWING & OBE, YOUR INNER SUPERPOWERS Dan Winter at Portal to Ascension Presenting the intro physics to a complete model of how coherent longitudinal emf interferometry is formed around your body as a coherent cocoon- from the implosion of bliss. update detailed discussion and graphics about coherent longitudinal emf interferometry versus the nature of mind at This becomes a compelling electrical description of out of body and remote viewing experience. SO many questions are answered when there is a clear electrical model (literally charge collapse: Dan’s new book ) – for how coherent emotion creates the sustainable cocoon enabling your awareness to move out of body, as a plasma toroid propagating as longitudinal emf.


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