Probably why mourning is natural …and vital — ASTRAL TRAVEL, REMOTE VIEWING & OBE: Physics of INNER SUPERPOWERS -Dan Winter at Portal to Ascension

Oct 31, 2023

ASTRAL TRAVEL, REMOTE VIEWING & OBE, YOUR INNER SUPERPOWERS Dan Winter at Portal to Ascension Presenting the intro physics to a complete model of how coherent longitudinal emf interferometry is formed around your body as a coherent cocoon- from the implosion of bliss. update detailed discussion and graphics about coherent longitudinal emf interferometry versus the nature of mind at This becomes a compelling electrical description of out of body and remote viewing experience. SO many questions are answered when there is a clear electrical model (literally charge collapse: Dan’s new book ) – for how coherent emotion creates the sustainable cocoon enabling your awareness to move out of body, as a plasma toroid propagating as longitudinal emf.




Astral travel, also known as astral projection or out-of-body experience (OBE), refers to the phenomenon in which an individual’s consciousness seems to leave their physical body and travel to other realms or dimensions, often while the physical body remains in a state of rest or sleep. It is a topic that has been explored by various spiritual and metaphysical traditions throughout history.

Here’s an overview of astral travel:

1. **Experience**: During astral travel, individuals report sensations of floating, flying, or moving through space, often accompanied by vivid visual, auditory, and sensory experiences. Some people describe meeting other entities, exploring unfamiliar landscapes, or encountering spiritual beings or guides during their astral journeys.

2. **Techniques**: There are various techniques and practices that individuals use to induce or facilitate astral travel. These may include meditation, visualization, lucid dreaming, deep relaxation, and specific breathing exercises. Some people also use binaural beats, hypnosis, or guided imagery to help shift their consciousness into a state conducive to astral projection.

3. **Beliefs**: Beliefs about the nature and purpose of astral travel vary widely among different cultures, spiritual traditions, and individuals. Some people view astral travel as a form of spiritual exploration, personal growth, or consciousness expansion, while others see it as a purely psychological phenomenon or a product of the imagination.

4. **Safety and Ethics**: Practitioners of astral travel often emphasize the importance of safety, grounding, and ethical conduct during astral journeys. They may advise individuals to cultivate mindfulness, intentionality, and discernment when exploring the astral realms to avoid negative experiences or psychic disturbances.

5. **Scientific Perspectives**: From a scientific perspective, astral travel is generally considered to be a subjective experience that occurs within the mind rather than a literal journey outside the body. While there is ongoing research into altered states of consciousness and the brain mechanisms underlying OBEs, the scientific understanding of astral travel remains incomplete, and it is often regarded as a phenomenon that is difficult to study empirically.

Overall, astral travel remains a fascinating and enigmatic aspect of human experience that continues to capture the interest of spiritual seekers, researchers, and curious individuals alike. Whether viewed as a mystical journey into the unknown or a projection of the inner psyche, astral travel offers a rich tapestry of exploration and inquiry into the mysteries of consciousness and existence.

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