“Conspiracy Queries” — Baltimore Key Bridge #2 – Mysteries and evidence compound — Was Baltimore Key Bridge destroyed to make way for increased shipping? Analyzing dustified steel, yellow-hot girders, missing girder wreckage below north pillar and more – per anomalies in all videos

This is #2 in a series — Summary + Index — https://soundquality.org/sets#baltimore-key-bridge From a most-interesting comment — “I notice all those massive steel girders, molten and drooping over the north pillar like wet noodles. All the paint burned off (you can see the yellow-hot flare-ups in the night time video). Almost looks as if they … Read more

Predictively-Programming the masses — “Flight 911” nearly crashes into WTC skyscraper in 1970’s science series — “Trigger Effect” James Burke’s CONNECTIONS series, season 1, episode 1

Even after you see it, you can hardly believe it, especially “Captain Lostit” mentioned at 17:25 https://youtu.be/XetplHcM7aQ?t=888 The spiderweb, so pervasive.     CONNECTIONS series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connections_(British_TV_series) JAMES BURKE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Burke_(science_historian)     “Trigger Effect” is the first episode of the television documentary series “Connections” created, written, and presented by science historian James Burke. The series originally … Read more

Hanoi Incident — What if you put your hand in a particle accelerator?

When matter is subjected to a particle beam, several possible outcomes can occur depending on various factors such as the energy and intensity of the beam, the properties of the target material, and the specific interaction processes involved. Here are some of the potential effects: 1. **Ionization**: Particle beams typically consist of charged particles, such … Read more

“Earthing”, Electrical Grounding and the Power Grid — Where Does Grounded Electricity Actually Go?

“The ground is really just another wire…although not a great one.” ~ 7:50 in Current doesn’t flow to the ground; it flows through the ground and back up. If there is electricity moving into the ground from an energized conductor, go back to the source of that conductor and see what’s happening. For the grid, … Read more