“Blogging is not what is used to be” even a few years ago — Here is the rarest original, most succinct, and yet unlikeliest to be parrotted theory as to who, how and why

Mar 2023 –Project 24 After 4 Years – My Experience (Student Reviews P24)

Youtuber basically discovers and reveals that the previously “proven plan” of PROJECT 24 has been slowly crumbling.  YT’r says even the P24 team can’t make their own blogs super successful as they had been, and that the best new focus is making youtube videos / channel.  I think that will just become the next big target and all those who migrate to YT will soon be victimized all over again, just as with blogging.  You must understand that smarter, wiser and more evil forces are arrayed against you — nearly no one understands that simple horrible fact, and fewer still of that tiny number will realize and accept its veritable accuracy.

My original theory explains what is happening, how, why and who is doing it — all based on basic history and religion; therefore, it is extremely unlikely to be repeated, out of fear, censorship, and/or ignorance all rampant.

(1)  “The basic sad fact is that google rewards the robbery of content. Creators are harmed in the long run, stolen from, devalued, as their original content is taken and shared around by thieving blogs, etc. [and then unjustly monetized by google — this is not by accident or oversight but instead is being done on-purpose] Other factors include “newness” and churn that only monster company websites can maintain; product sales; and involvement (“backlinks”). That’s my experienced-based opinion.”

(2) “The general response will be a general “quickening” by using AI [to “generate” content]. AI is another content thief that pulls from wherever, whenever, and mish-mashes everything; the web will be resultingly homogenized into a sea of mediocrity, all stolen, borrowed, taken, “sourced” from one-another like a giant cesspool of overcooked browned humanity. If you understand the Catho Vati Jesu intention (per Cardinal Woolsey’s “LEARNING AGAINST LEARNING” scheme) of destroying Protesta knowledge, then you ‘have eyes to see and mind to undestand’ what is really going on, how, why, and by whom. Without that, you are clueless and adrift and a perpetual victim of time-suck, talent-taking by google and the mongrel hordes it benefits.”

Here is the source video and the original location of the two comments above (which are no doubt shadow-banned and/or removed):

LEARNING AGAINST LEARNING scheme by Cardinal Woolsey best explains the stealing, smearing and devaluation of knowledge plaguing to web

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  1. The Next Big Gotcha — also another aspect Totally Unmentioned Online, and probably not yet realized —– The EFF (electronic frontier foundation) which has been giving away free SSL certifications (on short, 90-day leases, vs years-long or lifetime leases for considerably more costly commercial SSL certification services) will be surreptitiously used to reign-in and control waywawrd, outspoken websites sharing “offensive” or “dangerous” content by revoking and/or refusing renewal of the increasingly important SSL leases, thus “causing” google, bing, yahoo (which are “in on it” and/or totally controlled) to “necessarily” delist / derank the SSL-less websites, due to “privacy concerns” and “for safety”. This still secret and hidden plot will be used to squelch and silence the multitude of smaller voices, less well-funded, unable to escape the carefully laid multi-faceted technology trap. You’ll see; watch it happen within the next 10 years or so.


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