“Blogging is not what is used to be” even a few years ago — Here is the rarest original, most succinct, and yet unlikeliest to be parrotted theory as to who, how and why

Mar 2023 –Project 24 After 4 Years – My Experience (Student Reviews P24) Youtuber basically discovers and reveals that the previously “proven plan” of PROJECT 24 has been slowly crumbling.  YT’r says even the P24 team can’t make their own blogs super successful as they had been, and that the best new focus is making … Read more

What a site hit looks like

Two-thirds of professional blogger routinely report the same ills, like regular hurricanes blowing through, wiping out. Without revealing exact numbers, this website recently took a severe hit in the google rankings — This amounts to an unpredictable whirlwind of random demise.  The causes of course will never be revealed by google, et al, never really … Read more