Sound Quality in all things

“God is two octaves above man.”  Esoteric studies deep into music and more.

I’m Mic Hael, a long-time audiophile-musician-engineer polymath sapiophile pursuing endlessly wondrous curiosities.

If you’re here, maybe you’re the same.  Welcome fellow traveler, audiofficianado of truth and beauty.

This website is a constantly curated, broad and deep and growing imbroglio of eternal interests that extends beyond music: Audiology; physiology; ancient pyramids; archaeology; biogeometry; resonance; healing; RF energies; acoustics; supersonics; mathematics; physics; geology; geography; cymatics; healing; nutrition; health; spirit and much more.

All is inseparably connected via vibration; according to scriptures, sound was the beginning. — exploring, enjoying and expanding the infinitude in esoterica, musicology, audiology


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