Baltimore Key Bridge #1 — Oddities. Questions. Another Directed Energy Weapons Attack?

#1 in a series — Summary + Index — — Baltimore, Major Port “Shipping is critical to Baltimore’s economy, as it’s the ninth-largest U.S. port for international cargo, handling roughly 52 million tons of goods in 2023. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore told CNN that 8,000 jobs and $191 million dollars of daily economic activity … Read more

“Conspiracy Queries” – Baltimore Key Bridge #5 – Predicted, Expected, Known Ramifications

This is #5 in a series — Summary + Index —   Predicted, Expected, Known Ramifications   Affected industrials —   Solvay Chemical Co. (fairfield area) — Maker of precursor chemicals to fertilizer (phosphoric and nitric acid).,-76.5805293,17z Motive: Destroy world food supply, cause mass starvation, destroy USA food production dominance. (claimed to … Read more