Baltimore Key Bridge #1 — Oddities. Questions. Another Directed Energy Weapons Attack?

#1 in a series — Summary + Index — — Baltimore, Major Port “Shipping is critical to Baltimore’s economy, as it’s the ninth-largest U.S. port for international cargo, handling roughly 52 million tons of goods in 2023. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore told CNN that 8,000 jobs and $191 million dollars of daily economic activity … Read more

“Conspiracy Queries” – Baltimore Key Bridge #7 – Examining Ship Bow, South Pillar, Energy-blasted Steel

This is #7 in a series — Summary + Index —   === Overhang of ‘proud bow’ did not seem to extend far enough to have “sheared off” all four columns of the south pillar.  So what sheared them off? The bridge’s steel giders did not collapse until seconds after the allision (collision is … Read more