Cosmic 432 and Musical Conspiracy

Cosmic 432 and Musical Conspiracy

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Uploaded on May 3, 2011

The Conspiracy Extends to the Musical Scale

To understand more clearly WHY he’s pursuing and presenting this info — read the paper MUSICAL CULT CONTROL by DR LEONARD HOROWITZ (free online, google it) and check the MILITARY SOURCES given in that paper which show the “A440 Standard Concert Pitch” MUSICAL TUNING SCALE ITSELF WAS SET BY THE POINT (FREQUENCY) FOUND TO CAUSE MAXIMUM UPSET, STRIFE, ANGER, DISRUPTION in most human subjects and “volunteer” servicemen – essentially, the musical scale itself was weaponized. Are you surprised?

From the video comments, BERNARD WOODBURY — “If you have a guitar in A=440, strum on a full cord like, E major on it. Then pick up the other guitar with A=432 and strum the same cord. I notice a pulse on the 440 guitar. On the 432 its not there, Its smooth. Check it for yourself.” Then, KRATZBEAN: “a guitar is equal temperament so this pulse might be more about relative pitch, though perhaps not, but I suspect it is.”

Jamie Buturff is a musician and researcher who has explored the concept of “The Cosmic 432” and its connection to what some refer to as “The Musical Conspiracy.” Here’s a breakdown of these concepts:

1. The Cosmic 432: This term refers to the idea that the frequency of 432 Hz has cosmic or universal significance. In contrast to the standard tuning of A=440 Hz used in Western music, proponents of the Cosmic 432 theory argue that tuning instruments to the frequency of 432 Hz can produce more harmonious and resonant sound vibrations that are in alignment with natural frequencies found in the cosmos.

2. The Musical Conspiracy: This concept suggests that there has been a deliberate effort by certain individuals or organizations within the music industry to promote the use of A=440 Hz tuning over other tuning standards, such as A=432 Hz. Proponents of this theory claim that the adoption of A=440 Hz tuning was driven by commercial interests rather than musical or scientific considerations, and that it has had negative effects on the quality and emotional impact of music.

Jamie Buturff has explored these ideas through his music and research, advocating for the use of 432 Hz tuning and raising awareness about what he perceives as the hidden agenda behind the standardization of A=440 Hz tuning.

It’s important to note that the concepts of The Cosmic 432 and The Musical Conspiracy are controversial and not widely accepted within the scientific and music communities. While there are individuals who believe in the benefits of tuning to 432 Hz and who criticize the standardization of A=440 Hz, mainstream scientific research has not provided conclusive evidence to support these claims.

Overall, Jamie Buturff’s work on The Cosmic 432 and The Musical Conspiracy reflects a broader movement within certain circles of the music community that seeks to explore alternative tuning systems and challenge established norms in music theory and practice.

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