Dr Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals


Tap water does not form beautiful crystals when frozen. Certain types of water do, however, produce beautiful crystals.



This experiment is… well there are no words that can explain it. I’ll try tho, Dr. Emoto found out that by just taping positive words to the side of a bottle of water it produced fascinating hexagonal crystals (like when you play music next to water). He then taped negative words on the same type of water and they wouldn’t form crystals (like snowflakes) but ugly looking shapes that look like bacteria. If you watch the whole experiment you will be blown away and the lesson is that we absolutely have to choose our words carefully, especially when telling yourself positive or negative things because we are 70% water and it can literally have a physical effect. I am definitely going to try the rice experiment with Livi, to show her the power of words. If you put thank you on a clear container of cooked rice it doesn’t go bad after a month, but if you put I hate you on it turns pure black!


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