Electrically Structured Water

Electrically Structured Water

In this lecture Dr. Jerry Pollack, a professor in the bio-engineering department of the University of Washington, discusses new insights into structured water garnered in his lab during the past year. Dr. Pollack has spent the last 10 years researching the role of water in biological tissue, and his discoveries could have a profound impact on our understanding of disease and healing.

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The concept of electrically structured water refers to water that has been subjected to electrical or electromagnetic fields in order to alter its structure or properties. This concept is often discussed in the context of alternative health practices, where proponents claim that electrically structured water possesses unique properties that offer health benefits beyond those of regular water.

Here are some key points related to electrically structured water:

1. Alteration of Water Structure: Proponents of electrically structured water claim that applying electrical or electromagnetic fields to water can reorganize its molecular structure, leading to the formation of more orderly arrangements of water molecules. This is often described in terms of “hexagonal water” or “EZ water” (exclusion zone water), which refers to a proposed phase of water with a more structured arrangement of molecules.

2. Health Claims: Advocates of electrically structured water suggest that consuming or using this type of water may offer various health benefits, such as improved hydration, detoxification, and enhanced cellular function. Some proponents also claim that electrically structured water has antioxidant properties and can promote overall well-being.

3. Devices and Methods: There are various devices and methods purported to produce electrically structured water. These may include water ionizers, electromagnetic devices, vortexing systems, and exposure to specific frequencies or waveforms. Some proponents also advocate for DIY methods, such as exposing water to magnets or conducting specific rituals or ceremonies.

4. Scientific Research: While there is some scientific research exploring the properties of structured water, much of the evidence supporting the health claims associated with electrically structured water is anecdotal or comes from studies with methodological limitations. Critics argue that the concept of structured water is not well-supported by mainstream scientific evidence and that many of the health claims lack rigorous scientific validation.

5. Mainstream Perspective: From a mainstream scientific perspective, water is considered to be a highly dynamic and complex substance, and its properties can be influenced by various factors such as temperature, pressure, and dissolved substances. While water molecules can form temporary clusters or structures, there is limited evidence to support the existence of a distinct phase of water with a highly ordered structure induced by electrical or electromagnetic fields.

Electrically Structured Water

In summary, the concept of electrically structured water remains controversial and is viewed skeptically by many in the scientific community. While there is ongoing research exploring the properties of water and the effects of electromagnetic fields on water structure, more robust scientific evidence is needed to support the health claims associated with electrically structured water.

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