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Published on May 13, 2013

It’s probably fair to assume that the majority of us who’ve followed the research of Neil Sanders initially became aware of him from his numerous guest-spots on Richard D. Hall’s ‘Rich Planet TV’ show. Since his first appearance on the programme in 2010, he’s firmly established himself in the ‘Alternative’ arena as a popular and respected expert on the subject of Mind Control.

Late last year, he released two books under the umbrella-heading of, ‘Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own – Mind Control, Mass Manipulation and Perception Management.’

Volume 1 examines the various brain-altering experiments and projects carried out by the world’s governments and their agencies. It focuses on MK ULTRA, Manchurian candidates, psychotronic devices, microwave weaponry, synthetic telepathy, LSD, hypnosis, trauma, serial killers, school shootings, and the notorious Tavistock Institute. In the interview above however, Neil talks to ‘ConspiroTV’ about Volume 2, ‘Marketing, Movies and Music’ which, according to the book’s introduction, explores “mass Mind Control and how different aspects of the media, namely advertising, news and entertainment, are used to manipulate perceptions of the world.” Furthermore it looks “at how these seemingly separate entities may in fact be intrinsically linked to aspects of the Military Industrial Complex and broader Mind Control programs. Education, sales and marketing, politics, entertainment, celebrities, drugs and military and intelligence-agency Mind Control programs are far more closely linked than it at first appears.”

During the interview, Neil talks about the corrosive and hypnotic effects of TV and how our identities and perceptions of life have been moulded by the advertising industry. He also discusses Hollywood movie propaganda, the victimisation of famous entertainers who’ve spoken out against The Establishment, MK’ed celebs, manufactured Pop acts, music as a form of protest, musicians’ links to the military, the CIA’s role in the rise and fall of the 1960s Hippie/counter-culture movement and it’s apparent complicity in the promotion of the Gangsta-rap lifestyle and the east coast / west coast rivalry in Hip Hop.

*This interview was recorded on May 6th 2013*

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