Rex Gilroy — Mysterious Australia: Pyramids, Yowies and Ancient stuff

Rex Gilroy is an Australian author and self-proclaimed cryptozoologist known for his research into mysterious phenomena, ancient history, and unexplained creatures in Australia. He has written extensively on topics ranging from UFOs and ancient civilizations to cryptids like the Yowie, Australia’s version of Bigfoot. One of his notable works is the book “Mysterious Australia: Pyramids, Yowies and Ancient Astronauts,” which explores various enigmatic aspects of Australian history and folklore.

In “Mysterious Australia,” Gilroy presents a collection of his research findings and theories, suggesting that Australia holds many mysteries yet to be fully understood by mainstream science. The book covers a wide range of topics, including alleged ancient pyramids and megalithic structures, encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial beings, and sightings of legendary creatures like the Yowie.

Gilroy’s work often draws connections between different phenomena and proposes alternative explanations for historical and archaeological evidence. He challenges conventional wisdom and argues that there may be hidden truths waiting to be uncovered beneath the surface of Australia’s rich cultural and natural landscape.

While Gilroy’s research has garnered interest among enthusiasts of the paranormal and alternative history, it has also faced criticism from skeptics and mainstream scientists. Critics argue that his claims lack empirical evidence and are not supported by rigorous scientific methods. Despite this, Gilroy remains a prominent figure in the field of Australian cryptozoology and continues to investigate and write about mysterious phenomena in the country.


Rex Gilroy is an Australian researcher, author, and self-proclaimed cryptozoologist known for his investigations into mysterious phenomena and unexplained mysteries in Australia. His work often focuses on topics such as cryptids (unknown animals), UFOs, ancient civilizations, and paranormal phenomena.

“Mysterious Australia: Pyramids, Yowies, and Ancient Stuff” is likely one of Gilroy’s books or presentations exploring various enigmatic phenomena reported in Australia. Here’s an overview of the topics typically covered in Gilroy’s work:

1. **Pyramids**: Gilroy has written about alleged pyramidal structures and ancient ruins found in various parts of Australia. He suggests that these structures may be evidence of an advanced ancient civilization predating known Indigenous Australian cultures.

2. **Yowies**: Yowies are mythical creatures akin to Bigfoot or Sasquatch reported in Australian folklore. Gilroy has investigated sightings, footprints, and other evidence purportedly related to these cryptids, advocating for their existence as undiscovered species.

3. **Ancient Mysteries**: Gilroy explores various ancient mysteries and archaeological anomalies found in Australia, including rock art, megalithic structures, and purported evidence of early human occupation predating established timelines.

4. **Paranormal Phenomena**: In addition to cryptozoology and ancient mysteries, Gilroy has an interest in paranormal phenomena such as UFO sightings, ghost encounters, and unexplained aerial phenomena reported across Australia.

While Rex Gilroy’s work has garnered a following among enthusiasts of alternative history, cryptozoology, and paranormal research, it’s essential to approach his claims with skepticism and critical thinking. Much of Gilroy’s research and evidence remain controversial and unverified by mainstream scientific standards, and his conclusions often diverge from the consensus of experts in relevant fields.

Listeners interested in mysterious phenomena in Australia may find Gilroy’s work intriguing as a source of entertainment and speculation. However, it’s important to corroborate his claims with independent research and consider alternative perspectives before drawing conclusions about the nature of the mysteries he explores.

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