The Cosmic 432 & The Musical Conspiracy

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Part 2  7E

Uploaded on May 3, 2011

The Conspiracy Extends to the Musical Scale (PROOF!):

To understand more clearly WHY he’s pursuing and presenting this info — read the paper MUSICAL CULT CONTROL by DR LEONARD HOROWITZ (free online, google it) and check the MILITARY SOURCES given in that paper which show the “A440 Standard Concert Pitch” MUSICAL TUNING SCALE ITSELF WAS SET BY THE POINT (FREQUENCY) FOUND TO CAUSE MAXIMUM UPSET, STRIFE, ANGER, DISRUPTION in most human subjects and “volunteer” servicemen – essentially, the musical scale itself was weaponized. Are you surprised?

From the video comments, BERNARD WOODBURY — “If you have a guitar in A=440, strum on a full cord like, E major on it. Then pick up the other guitar with A=432 and strum the same cord. I notice a pulse on the 440 guitar. On the 432 its not there, Its smooth. Check it for yourself.” Then, KRATZBEAN: “a guitar is equal temperament so this pulse might be more about relative pitch, though perhaps not, but I suspect it is.”

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