Tubes vs Transformers – What good tube “tone” looks like

Metal and wire is just metal and wire. The real sonic magic comes from the tubes. GAGA gets all that metal out of their way.

An examination into the esoterica shrouding audio output transformers, tubes and “tone”, or the various unpleasant effects of bulky metal on faithful, musical amplification. Whereas traditional output transformers – homogenizing bulks of metal and wire – act as inescapable filters that audibly and measurably deteriorate performance, the real sonic magic happens in the tubes. GAGA gets all that metal and wire out of the way and lets the best tonal qualities of the tubes leap forth, bringing the musician much closer to true tone and ecstasy. The tone is powerful, full, natural, airy and immediate.

Milbert GAGA, a new kind of tube guitar amplifier with superior clarity of tone, vs traditional transformerized tube amps, vs Ideal 6L6 Tubes


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