Vortex Based Mathematics Presentation, Marko Rodin & Randy Powell

Numerology, the number 9, and much more. A new way to conceptualize with number theory.



Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM) is a theoretical framework proposed by Marko Rodin that explores the mathematical patterns underlying the universe, particularly focusing on the role of vortex dynamics. Randy Powell has also contributed to the promotion and dissemination of VBM concepts.

In Vortex Based Mathematics, numbers are viewed as dynamic and interconnected, forming patterns reminiscent of vortex motion found in nature. The fundamental unit of VBM is the “vortex,” which represents a dynamic energy system that creates and sustains everything in the universe.

Some key concepts of Vortex Based Mathematics include:

1. **The Rodin Coil**: A specialized coil design invented by Marko Rodin, believed to generate a vortex-like energy field. The Rodin Coil is purported to have applications in energy generation, healing, and other fields.

2. **The Rodin Number Map**: A geometric representation of numbers arranged in a circular pattern, with each number corresponding to a unique geometric shape and position. This number map is said to reveal fundamental mathematical patterns and relationships.

3. **The Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio**: VBM incorporates principles from sacred geometry, including the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, which are believed to underpin the structure and organization of the universe.

4. **Harmonics and Resonance**: VBM emphasizes the importance of harmonic frequencies and resonance in understanding the dynamics of energy and matter. It suggests that certain numerical relationships produce harmonious vibrations that influence physical reality.

Presentations on Vortex Based Mathematics by Marko Rodin and Randy Powell typically involve explanations of these concepts, demonstrations of the Rodin Coil, and discussions of potential applications in various fields. These presentations may appeal to individuals interested in alternative theories of physics, mathematics, and consciousness.

It’s important to note that Vortex Based Mathematics remains controversial within the scientific community, with many mainstream scientists skeptical of its claims and lacking empirical evidence to support its assertions. While VBM has inspired curiosity and exploration among some enthusiasts, its theoretical framework has not gained widespread acceptance or recognition in mainstream academia.

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