Movie FREQUENCIES 2013 – PredProg SingSongSounds LyricalControlWords AncientAuralTech

SingSongSounds LyricalControlWords AncientAuralTech

Far more deeply interesting than the shallow, mindless write-ups and reviews would indicate. This movie touches on themes of mind, body, and soul as relating to resonance, vibration, speech and lyrical control.

Dissonance between two erstwhile kindred spirits is finally overcome with old technology (made new again) that applies trigger words, sounds, and two-syllable phonemes to cause action, dampen unwanted resonances, and allow localized harmonies.

It’s also a neat, quirky love story. Clever. Intriguing. Fresh.

“Frequencies” is a science fiction film directed by Darren Paul Fisher, released in 2013. The movie explores themes related to determinism, fate, and the power of frequencies in shaping human behavior and relationships. While the film does incorporate elements of sing-song sounds, lyrical control words, and references to ancient aural technologies, it primarily uses these concepts as narrative devices rather than as direct memes or messages.

In “Frequencies,” the world is divided into individuals with different frequencies, which determine their social status and success in life. The protagonist, Zak, is a low-frequency individual who meets and falls in love with Marie, a high-frequency individual. Their relationship challenges the established order and raises questions about the nature of fate and free will.

The film explores the idea of using frequencies and sounds to influence behavior and manipulate emotions, drawing on themes of ancient aural technologies and mystical practices. However, these concepts are presented within the context of a fictional narrative and are not intended to convey specific memes or messages to the audience.

Overall, “Frequencies” offers a thought-provoking exploration of philosophical and metaphysical themes, using science fiction elements to examine the nature of human consciousness and the role of determinism in shaping our lives. While the film incorporates ideas related to frequencies, sound, and ancient technologies, its primary focus is on storytelling rather than promoting specific memes or concepts.

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