Sounds of Power Meters are similar to sounds of Bosnian Pyramids

power meter sounds are similar to Bosnian Pyramid sounds

power meter sound
3:10 into  Z-Uo

bosnian pyramid sound
2:02:20 into  TSYU


Taos Hum

The Taos Hum refers to a mysterious low-frequency humming sound reported by residents of the Taos area in New Mexico, United States, since at least the early 1990s. The sound is described as a persistent, low-pitched rumble or drone that is often likened to the sound of a distant diesel engine idling or a low-frequency pulsating tone.

Key points about the Taos Hum include:

1. **Persistent Phenomenon**: The Taos Hum has been reported by numerous residents of the Taos area for decades, although not everyone can hear it, and its source remains unidentified.

2. **Diverse Experiences**: People who report hearing the Taos Hum describe it in various ways, with some experiencing it as a physical sensation (such as vibrations), while others perceive it as a purely auditory phenomenon.

3. **Geographical Variability**: While the Taos Hum is most commonly associated with the town of Taos, similar phenomena have been reported in other locations around the world, including Bristol, England, and Kokomo, Indiana, suggesting that it may be a widespread but poorly understood phenomenon.

4. **Unidentified Source**: Despite numerous investigations by scientists, engineers, and government agencies, the source of the Taos Hum remains unknown. Various hypotheses have been proposed, including industrial machinery, natural geological processes, electromagnetic radiation, and psychological factors, but none have been conclusively proven.

5. **Impact on Residents**: The Taos Hum has had a significant impact on the lives of affected residents, causing annoyance, sleep disturbances, and stress. Some individuals have been driven to extreme measures, such as relocating to escape the noise.

Overall, the Taos Hum remains a perplexing and unexplained phenomenon that continues to fascinate researchers and intrigue the public. While efforts to identify its source have been ongoing for decades, the mystery of the Taos Hum persists, leaving many questions unanswered.


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