Van Halen/ Prince Engineer Peggy McCreary reflects on her career at Sunset Sound

Recording Engineer, Peggy McCreary started her career as an engineer at Sunset Sound in the 1970’s. Being one of the first female engineers was not an easy task but with in a short amount of time she was working 2nd chair on Van Halen and Elton John as well as being head engineer for 5 years with Prince during his most productive years. Peggy came in Sunset Sound studio 3 to share what she remembers from her start in the recording industry and how Prince was the greatest and most difficult artist to work with.

Most telling @ 17:00 in — “I didn’t know what output and input was…I didn’t ever let anybody know that I didn’t know very much.” — “So, but you were the actual recording engineer, working, setting up the sessions, doing full recordings, mixing stuff, but at that time you [didn’t know]?”

41:44 in — “Music is a feeling for me…When I first got in the business it was run by musicians and artists.  And then half-way through I saw it change, and it started being run by accountants and lawyers.  It [became] a business, but I had [gotten] in at the very tail end, when it was still an art…and that’s what drew me to it, how it could make you feel when you listen to a song.”

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