Wikipedia deleting small American manufacturer entries

Wikipedia deleting small American manufacturer entries

Against the effort to delete long standing but non notable small American manufacturer entries from Wikipedia


In the past month (Aug 2015), three decades-old American manufacturer entries have been completely deleted or nominated for deletion from wikipedia. One was unlucky. Two was coincidence. Three is pattern. Has anyone else been targeted?


In the past month (Aug 2015), the entry for the David Berning Company, one of the oldest American audio manufacturers, has been completely eradicated from wikipedia, a victim of “speedy deletion”, without warning or discussion.

The Milbert Amplifiers entry survived an earlier attempted deletion in 2006, and the latest attempted deletion (Aug 2015) corresponds with an attempt to also remove the entry for Conrad-Johnson, another decades-old American audio manufacturing company.

One was unlucky. Two was coincidence. Three is pattern. Has anyone else been targeted?

— Michael Milbert — — aka “TubeGod” on wikipedia — 26 August 2015 (UTC)


This provides perfect example of Truth-by-Consensus — or, rather, Erasure-by-Consensus. Wikipedian editors often decry “companies editing their own” info, advertisements dastardly posing as article entries, and vested conflicts of interest.

The reality is that everyone editing Wikipedia carries some vested conflict of interest…and the fact is most contributors and editors, who are almost always anonymous, inject completely unknown agendas, conflicts and taints into whatever information they choose to control and adjudicate.

Wikipedia policy requires “reliable information sources”…meaning a living person giving first-person information with direct accountability is regularly disfavored, subdued, penalized, and even shut-out in favor of third-party commentaries on dead persons or past histories. In this way, Wikipedia relegates itself to a fundamentally weakened “me too” position, as it is used as a tool to tighten the corporately-controlled triangular grip on truth and information: One outlet relying upon the other, upon the other, to the exclusion of primary sources that may not be adequately “notable” or ‘in the club’. The trifecta appears to be Controlled Big Media (what Wikipedia calls printed “reliable” publications); Controlled Advertising, Search and Indexing (google); and the Controlled Encyclopedia itself.

Are we witnessing Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth in essential existence?

Although Wikipedia has always been considered by wary academia as an unacceptable reference, the main reason we care to have an entry there is because we are compelled to: Google (presumably) strongly favors links from Wikipedia as indicative of information validity and worth (and if google didn’t ‘care’ then Wikipedia entries would not appear so prominently ranked).

We have removed links to “our” article on Wikipedia, and all the information about Milbert Amplifiers that may be contained at Wikipedia after August, 2015 should be considered as at best outdated and perhaps even misleadingly suspect due to anonymous edits by unaccountable persons serving unknown agendas — after many years of primary-source care the information about Milbert Amplifiers appearing Wikipedia is no longer officially supported or maintained by us.

Sep 2015 update: Natural News, per UK’s Independent newspaper: “Wikipedia exposed as a blackmail racket that extorts small businesses while publishing corporate propaganda”

Good grief —

“As part of the background investigation into the Wikipedia smear machine, Natural News has uncovered some truly shocking details about Jimmy Wales and his very questionable character. It turns out that before launching Wikipedia and structuring it as an online defamation engine to defame and slander people he didn’t like, Jimmy Wales ran a porn network called Bomis, which sold membership access to pornography.”

“The situation over at Wikipedia has gotten so out of control, in fact, that multiple well-respected academic institutions published a study on Wikipedia corruption earlier this year, declaring up to 90 percent of Wikipedia’s health-related content to be inaccurate or blatantly false.”

“This is why Natural News’ own Health Ranger, Mike Adams, decided to launch an alternative to Wikipedia at The purpose of this site, which is still in development, is to offer a source of information on topics that are actively censored, ignored, or maligned by the establishment. The public desperately needs an information source that is not overrun by industry trolls and their blind apologists, who masquerade as truth-bearers but actively promote their own corrupt agendas.”

“As reported by WorldNetDaily columnist Dr. Judith Reisman, Ph.D., in December — written in defense of fellow WND columnist and former heavy metal rock drummer-turned ordained preacher Bradlee Dean:

“Wikipedia’s trashing of iconoclastic, ordained preacher Bradlee Dean proves that the heavy-metal drummer and his band have been doing a great job of delivering truth to American youth. Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s creator, originally made his living off a website that earned revenue from pornography traffickers. Wales’ cult of far-leftist volunteer editor zealots labor minute-by-minute to mislead readers who think Wikipedia’s half-truths — and worse — are a legitimate “encyclopedia.”

“In fact, it’s something to be ashamed of. And it makes you wonder: Why would Google and other search engines give Wikipedia so much credibility when, at its core, the website has zero real credibility because its editors hide behind anonymity? It’s no secret that corporations hire armies of editors to alter pages on Wikipedia. Wales surely must be aware of this practice, yet he has done absolutely nothing to stop it.”

Sep 2015 update: Natural News, per UK’s Independent newspaper: “Wikipedia exposed as a blackmail racket that extorts small businesses while publishing corporate propaganda” — Speaking of patterns, others are apparently encountering similar harmful experiences.

Oct 2015 update: Natural News warns: “Google degenerates into Ministry of Truth; all knowledge must now be pre-approved by search algorithm”:

“What you’re actually searching for is irrelevant: Google will tell you what it wants you to know.”

“Gone are the days when you could search Google and pull up neutral, relevant content appropriate to your search query. The search engine giant is reportedly pioneering a new search algorithm that will tailor search results not based on popularity or accuracy, but rather on what Google itself deems to be truthful or untruthful.

“The world’s new “Ministry of Truth”, Google believes that screening and censoring information requested by its users will help avoid “websites full of misinformation” from showing up at the top of the search list. Known as the “Knowledge Vault,” the novel algorithm is described by The New American as “an automated and super-charged version of Google’s manually compiled fact database called Knowledge Graph.”

“Google’s Knowledge Graph, in case you didn’t know, was the search engine’s first attempt at becoming a purveyor of knowledge rather than just information — a “smart” search tool, if you will, designed to enhance the relevancy of search results by analyzing various facts, figures, and other data appropriate to a user’s intended query.

“What you’re actually searching for is irrelevant: Google will tell you what it wants you to know.

“It is this latter statement that’s deeply concerning, as Google now has the power to literally rewrite history by snubbing search content of which the powers that be disapprove, while approving only propaganda and other misinformation dubbed “accurate.” This evolution from information provider to knowledge developer changes the entire nature of Google’s purpose as a company.”



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