What Is The Best Maple Drum Set Under $1000?

One nice touch: flip to room mics for compare/contrast.

Same cymbals used, same setup, same placement, same mic’ing.

Gretsch Catalina Maple, coated heads, 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops.


Drum Center of Portsmouth, nice work!

1 thought on “What Is The Best Maple Drum Set Under $1000?”

  1. I would direct players to an original (late 1970s only, NOT 1980s or 1990s which are “granite” painted and/or early-on overseas-made junk) Ludwig Rockers kit, 8-ply maple shells, plain finish, nothing fancy, Grrreat tone, and $500 on ebay if you can find them. Despite being plain and “low budget”, they have been called the last great American-made kit from Ludwig.

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