The indefatigable Preston Nichols explains what not long ago was “the next step in digital sound” on this planet

“It’s true, [vacuum tubes sound better than transistors] because the vacuum tube produces…life energies.” — 37:45 in


From the comments —

“…I saw tapes of Preston at a Tesla society  conference. With scientists in the audience he was able to break down quantum psychics formulas on a black board from memory. Some of the  scientists were stunned. If you can find that 4 hour lecture, get it. Its a underground classic from this mad scientist.”

I have talked to Preston on the phone several times, however his phone number stopped working about 3 years ago. I met him in person when I lived in Freehold New York. The North American Phonograph Company on the corner of route 32 between Cairo and Freehold. He talked to me about things, and we have talked about how acoustic recording like I do captures much more than just sound, especially when you use a silica glass diaphragm, and the cylinder record, which contains some DNA of the animals that made the cylinders.”
“Having Preston Nichols and John Hutchison and Dan Winter and Eric Dollard all together in close proximity would undoubtedly result in aetherically-coupled and therefore limitlessly hyperdimensional melding of reality and ab-reality, both ending and beginning the Earth, humankind, time itself, and all of reality – precariously, a literal concomitant vortexing and devortexing of infinitudinality. Thank goodness the military’s Internet allows distance-learning so that all may gain whilst safe time-space is maintained!”

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