The stupid masses, Satanified, sacrificed ? — Mosh, “crowd collapse”, throng, crush, asphyxiation, moshslaughter

From the video comments —

Another beautifully evil mass-kill courtesy of the Satanified music industry. How many more deathly stupid people will kill themselves and others? How many will keep listening to the soul poison? Here is an adjunct kind of Malthusian kill mechanism that the Controllers count on and utilize.
You should understand this as the mass-kill sacrifice that it is, orchestrated by the Satanified music industry and its anally-owned puppets. Look into the amazing revelations of NEIL SANDERS, MARK DEVLIN, DR LEONARD HOROWITZ and many others. You have been literally poisoning your mind and body with their filth, imagery and idolatry for decades. Evil eats its own; haven’t you at least figured that out yet?
I’ve been in a crowd collapse before when I saw the band Korn, and it was terrifying. It was the first song that they played, and everyone was sooo excited. People started pushing, and that’s when I thought I was going to die. I was under a pile of about 5 grown men who had all fallen on top of each other, and I was at the bottom of that pile, with my skull being crushed into the plastic floor that was covering an ice rink, and then I went unconscious. I luckily got saved by a few of my friends who saw that I was down there. They grabbed me and threw me on top of the crowd, and I was able to crowd surf to the front of the crowd, and woke up as I was going over the metal barrier at the front of the stage. And all of that happened during the first song!! And this was one of my first concerts. I didn’t used to be claustrophobic, but I am now, after all the years of concerts I went to. And when this happens, you literally have no control of where your body goes. You’re at the mercy of the crowd!!!
You should go back, crank up that K0RN, STEP ON THE FACE OF YOUR FEAR, and its neck! Teach others, get them into it.
I accidentally got pulled into a sudden mosh pit at Warped Tour back in 2015. I couldn’t get out and I couldn’t control my movements or breathe hardly at all. I ended up getting knocked to the ground, but I got really lucky because two huge dudes were next to me. They noticed and got me off the ground and out of the crowd before I could get seriously injured. It was terrifying, and my heart goes out to all of those involved. Staying towards the outskirts/back of the crowd is my go to move if I’m at a gen. admission concert these days
Once went to a concert where I was in danger of having my chest crushed by the crowd and it is the most terrible feeling. I kept my arms down to try and make some space to beathe and to prevent my ribs from being broken. Some people around my area were also screaming for help, saying they couldn’t breathe, and crying. At that point the worst thing you can do is panic. If you start pushing people around to escape or hyperventilating you just create more danger for yourself and those around you. There were no visible exits near either, so my friend and I were just absolutely focused on not falling down and on trying to not get hit on the head by someone’s elbow (we’re not tall). Some minutes later a girl near us got carried away unconscious and we followed behind a little path that had formed to let her out, taking our opportunity to escape the chaos. No one died that night and it wasn’t news, but I still carry with me a little bit of that awful fear of potential injury or even death whenever I attend concerts now, especially those with big outdoor crowds. Staying near the sides of a fenced area or on the back, wearing platform boots (to make myself taller but also to prevent losing a shoe and potentially my footing with it), and asking people around me to be safe if possible before the show starts, plus encouraging them to take care of each other, are all things I do now whenever I’m in General, no matter the size of the crowd present. More awareness and way better regulations and security measures should be put in place to allow people, even children, to enjoy live music and festivals and to prevent tragedies like these from EVER happening again. My heart truly goes out to all those affected by this horrible event!!
I’ve been in a similar situation like this before at EDC Las Vegas 2019. There was a part of day two where I thought I was in real trouble, if I wasn’t able to see over the crowd (being 6’5) I probably would have passed out. It’s extremely scary being in a group of people like that. You wouldn’t think so but there is sooo much weight pushed on you in dense crowds like that, it’s hard to just breath. You start hyperventilating, it’s very scary. I believe it was the second night, Skrillex had a surprised performance on one of the main stages, I think it was circuit grounds, but there were at least 50k plus people in this stage area and more and more people kept piling in, at one point, I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea but they ended up bringing a parade of floats right through the crowd of 50k plus people literally pushing a hole 20 – 30ft wide through the crowd shoving people up against barriers and other people. It was one of the scariest things thats ever happened to me, I’m grateful that neither me or my girlfriend were seriously injured. It’s a miracle that no one was hurt. My condolences go out to those who were literally crushed at this astroworld concert. It should have been fun, not fatal. There’s absolutely NO reason that Travis Scott should have kept going with the concert. If he was actually present, he would have heard the people chanting “Help, Stop the show!” If I heard even an inkling of “Help” I would have stopped to see what was happening and for those who did not have tickets and still ended up in the venue..they should be prosecuted, there’s a limit on entry tickets for a reason.

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