Why Gen Z Doesn’t Care About Music – one opinion



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If you want to know why kids don’t enjoy music, listen to the subtractions of MP3 recording from source material (on vinyl, or 24b CD, or OGG/VORBIS). Half the song removed by the digital compression, resulting in a beautiful looking cake that has no nourishment and tastes (sounds) thin and unsatisfying. Go to most concerts and get the same effect, only in the opposite direction of waaaay too much of overload in all ways. Except for playing music themselves, quietly, where is the model for good sound? Nonexistent. And who has time for practicing and playing anyways? VERY FEW
It’s not the games but the crappy SQ on the games. What destroys the love and appreciation and value of art is the cheapening of it, the commoditization of it. Why learn to play music when you can have David Bowie, Yoyo Ma, Beethoven and millions of others right in your pocket, right in your ears… I personally know several persons who have masters in musicology who do not own and have never heard quality vinyl on great turntable through vacuum tube audio equipment and fidelious speakers.
That element Rick mentioned about no longer wanting to emulate musicians really hit home. I’m a millennial so grew up with video games, but my time was split pretty equally with drums/guitar. My Gen Z nephew took grades and lessons and became competent enough to join a band. He had absolutely no interest in playing live and gave up playing after reaching a certain level. In my late teens and early 20s all my friends were in bands, we all went to each other’s gigs and it was a massive part of our lives. Is it because there’s nothing really to strive for as a live musician, particularly in rock and alternative music? It’s so hard to make a living or to “make it” at this point that it’s not appealing as a dream to aspire to.
MIXING FOR “GOOD SOUND” IN CARS WAS MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR MASTERING COMPRESSION THAT NOW LEAVES MOST MUSIC SCREAMING IN “ALL-CAPS” WITH DYNAMIC RANGE OF MAYBE, MAYBE 4DB. THE SILENCE IS MADE AS LOUD AS THE SCREAMING. SAME AS “FISTING SEX” WITHOUT FOREPLAY BUILD-UP TEASE INTERPLAY, IT’S JUST SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM ALL THE TIME. WHAT FEELING-LESS BEAST CAN SUSTAIN LET ALONE ENJOY THAT? Meanwhile, the ever grinding “tech advance” towards smaller digital files, less “noticeable” compressions and other slights, and increasing convenience erode the sound quality. It’s allllll about the sound quality, or must be, because when that is not so, the wrong aspects are given undue focus.

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