Stephanie McPeak Petersen on ‘Fiat Notes – the Overlap of Music Theory and Monetary Theory’

Stephanie demonstrates how fiat bank notes have much in common with fiat musical notes. Her book, The Next Octave, discusses this, along with other aspects of hidden history including the structure of the harmonic series and the worldwide distortion of our musical system through temperament mistunings.

She is joining the Unguru team as an educator on harmonic frequencies and how music theory can inform economic theory. Her book, The Next Octave, discusses many esoteric aspects of the harmonic series, including how the series can inform our understanding of economics.

“The boundary of the octave is not a limiting force.  Within it, notes may subdivide to infinity without ever coming into contact with the walls of their octave container.  What keeps the scale from growing too large too quickly is not the octave boundary but the supply of notes in the previous octave.”

“The quality of the octave renders possible the projection of the infinity of tones into one octave space.  The octave, then, is to be considered a representation of the infinite…”


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