Physics of Magic & Sacred Alphabets- Ophanim, Pentacles & Sacred Space — Dan Winter & Teresa Burns


The topics of the physics of magic, sacred alphabets, Ophanim, pentacles, and sacred space are interconnected and often discussed within esoteric and occult traditions. Here’s an overview of each:

1. **Physics of Magic**: The concept of the physics of magic refers to the belief that there are underlying principles or laws governing the practice of magic and the manipulation of energy. This idea draws upon various metaphysical, mystical, and occult teachings, suggesting that magic operates according to natural laws that can be understood and harnessed through study, practice, and intuition.

2. **Sacred Alphabets**: Sacred alphabets are alphabetic scripts or symbolic systems that are believed to possess mystical or spiritual significance. Examples include the Hebrew alphabet, Greek alphabet, and various runic alphabets. In esoteric traditions, each letter or symbol is associated with specific qualities, vibrations, or energies, and is used in rituals, spells, and magical incantations to invoke or channel divine forces.

3. **Ophanim**: In some mystical and occult traditions, the Ophanim are a class of celestial beings or angels associated with the highest levels of spiritual hierarchy. The term “Ophanim” is derived from Hebrew and means “wheels” or “galgalim,” suggesting their association with heavenly chariots or celestial spheres. Ophanim are often depicted as powerful, otherworldly beings with multiple eyes and wings, serving as intermediaries between the divine and human realms.

4. **Pentacles**: Pentacles are geometric figures or symbols, typically in the form of a five-pointed star (pentagram) enclosed within a circle. In occult and magical traditions, pentacles are used as talismans, charms, or magical tools for protection, invocation, and manifestation. Each point of the pentacle may represent different elements, virtues, or aspects of spiritual symbolism, depending on the tradition and context.

5. **Sacred Space**: Sacred space refers to a physical or metaphysical space that is consecrated, purified, or set apart for religious, spiritual, or magical purposes. This can include temples, shrines, altars, ceremonial circles, or natural landscapes imbued with spiritual significance. Sacred spaces are believed to facilitate communion with the divine, spiritual transformation, and ritual practices.

Overall, the topics of the physics of magic, sacred alphabets, Ophanim, pentacles, and sacred space are central to the study and practice of various esoteric and occult traditions. They reflect the belief in the interconnectedness of the material and spiritual realms, and the use of symbolic language, ritual, and symbolism to explore and access higher states of consciousness and divine wisdom.

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