Our Hijacked Timeline with Michelle Gibson

Rings true.  Michelle Gibson is one of those exceedingly rare researchers whose findings — if even one sentence of which is true — inexorably causes rethink and rewrite of all “known” history.  However, we must always beware the confounding and misleading layers in the profound “onion of lies” constructed over such long time to do us wrong.




13 thoughts on “Our Hijacked Timeline with Michelle Gibson”

  1. The reason for the amusement parks was to give the free energy production coming out of the cites a place to runoff so there wouldn’t be an overload. Brilliantly, like everything else about the old world, this was an elegant solution that provided entertainment to the public while serving as a vital component to the electrical infrastructure.

  2. Hail the work of Carl Munck! I ran across him about decade ago and it’s how I learned of earth connections. He found a lot of them in north america, Florida, Louisiana etc. I did question his decimal placement on the planets and sun and moon though as they’re obviously much closer.

  3. Black’s Law definition of, Reset — The receiving or harboring an outlawed person (might want to look up the definition of ‘person’ in Black’s Law). In Scotch law. The receiving and keeping stolen goods, knowing them to be stolen, with a design of feloniously retaining them from the real owner.

  4. Definitely the Jesuits had a lot to do with it studying history when you look at the new world North and South America the Jesuits were some of the first people over here and they were over here for a couple hundred years before any real settlers started showing up

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