Is this unfortunate child being ‘slow-cooked’ alive ? Microwave overexposure + extreme microwave sensitivity / allergy ?

He does appear to have a kind of “sunburn”, and is not microwave radiation overexposure sunburn of another kind?

The ailment has been labeled “EB” by the many brightest minds, specialists, etc.

But, is the cause Possibly instead simply an allergic reaction to microwave radiation?

Dr Devra Davis has identified microwaves as splitting DNA and other biologicals.

Dr Magda Havas has identified microwaves as causing “rapid aging syndrome”.

Is it possible that a “cure” might be an escape from the allergy to technology?

A simple, quick, cheap test could be as easy as a weekend- or week-long escape to deep woods camping trip, minus all cellphones and wifi, routers, laptops, cordless anything. Gauge any improvement. Ignore the travel time overexposure, however, owing to the many celltowers along the way. Just an idea.

Awful that this kind of suffering exists; it would be worse to discover too late the whole thing could be (or being caused by) something else entirely unexplored.

(EB is epidermolysis bullosa.)


per CGPT —

Chronic Exposure and Skin Health

  1. Long-Term Skin Damage: There is ongoing research into whether chronic exposure to low-level microwave radiation has any long-term health effects, including on the skin. Some concerns have been raised about skin aging, skin barrier function, and possibly an increased risk of skin diseases due to alterations in cellular structures and functions from prolonged exposure.


Non-thermal effects of microwave radiation refer to biological impacts that are not directly caused by the heating action of microwaves. For skin, specifically, understanding non-thermal effects is crucial because the skin is the first line of defense against environmental stressors, including radiation. The research on non-thermal effects of microwave radiation on the skin is complex and still somewhat inconclusive, but here are some of the key points discussed in scientific literature:

### Mechanisms

– **Cell Membrane Changes**: Some studies suggest that microwave radiation can alter the properties and functions of cell membranes without causing significant heating. This could potentially affect skin cell metabolism and communication.
– **Protein Expression**: There is evidence that exposure to microwave radiation can influence the expression of certain proteins in skin cells, including those involved in cell growth, stress response, and repair mechanisms. These changes might occur independently of thermal effects.
– **Blood Flow Alterations**: Microwave radiation might affect the microcirculation system in the skin, potentially leading to changes in skin nutrition and waste removal processes. This could influence skin health and its ability to repair and maintain itself.
– **Nerve Stimulation**: There have been reports of microwave radiation causing a sensation of tingling or warmth in the skin due to stimulation of sensory nerves. Such effects are not directly related to tissue heating.

### Potential Effects on Skin

– **Skin Barrier Function**: Non-thermal microwave exposure might affect the skin’s barrier function by altering the lipid matrix in the stratum corneum or affecting keratinocyte behavior. This could potentially lead to increased skin sensitivity or susceptibility to irritants.
– **Inflammation**: Some research suggests that microwave radiation could induce inflammatory responses in skin tissue, leading to conditions such as erythema (skin redness) or dermatitis. The mechanisms behind these effects are not fully understood and could involve a combination of direct cellular effects and immune system activation.
– **Aging and Oxidative Stress**: There is speculation that long-term exposure to microwave radiation might contribute to skin aging processes, potentially through oxidative stress mechanisms. Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to counteract their harmful effects.
– **Wound Healing**: There is contradictory evidence regarding the impact of microwave radiation on wound healing, with some studies suggesting potential benefits (through enhanced blood flow and inflammatory responses) and others indicating possible delays in the healing process due to cellular stress.

### Research and Controversy

It’s important to note that research into the non-thermal effects of microwave radiation, particularly at levels encountered in everyday life (such as from mobile phones and Wi-Fi), is ongoing and often controversial. The World Health Organization and other health agencies continue to monitor the evidence and have generally found that exposure to low-level microwave radiation does not conclusively demonstrate a risk to human health.

However, due to the potential for biological effects independent of heating, researchers continue to investigate how microwave radiation might affect the skin and other tissues at the cellular and molecular levels. More studies are needed to fully understand these non-thermal effects and their implications for health, especially with the increasing prevalence of devices emitting microwave radiation in the environment.

2 thoughts on “Is this unfortunate child being ‘slow-cooked’ alive ? Microwave overexposure + extreme microwave sensitivity / allergy ?”

  1. Yes, this is speculation, even wild speculation, with no basis other than inversion, because everything that has been tried by (presumably) the ‘best and brightest’ has led to present suffering. Why not try something quick, cheap, and totally fresh (a weekend escape into the microwave-free countryside) …and gain some changed-scenery/setting, interesting family-time together along the way.

  2. A friend of mine suddenly ‘went blind’ one night; this went on for months and worsened (i.e., dizziness, nausea, brain-fog, insomnia, etc). Along the way, Johns Hopkins and others diagnosed his ailment as unique, one of maybe 50 cases in the literature (and even fewer surviving). (I always thought they invented a name.) Of course he was set upon a regimen of costly drugs and treatments.

    Meanwhile, for many years he had lived in a triangulated zone of microwave assault on Cascade Ln in Fairfax VA. Three cell towers (dangerously at nearby schools!), I believe, proved to be ‘too much’ and set his biological system ‘underwater’ into overexposure / drowning from the literal slow-cooking.

    No treatments solved his ailments. What solved his ailments was his moving away to a less populated area … fewer microwaves, fewer towers.

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