More Big Bro GOV Insanity — Speed Limiters on all Trucks

The proposal to require truck owners and fleets to implement an engine control unit — also known as a speed limiter — in all trucks manufactured after 2023 has created somewhat of a stir in the trucking industry.

The traditional resistance to speeding has worked fine — police, state troopers, RADAR, expensive accidents.  Centralizing control in government which is already or likely to be co-opted by special interests tending toward anti-Americana, epitomizes suicidal stupidity.

A representative of Beyond Dirt LLC wrote on the comment page: “Limiting speeds in trucks will not make them safer. All it will do is impede traffic in places where the truck speed limit is higher, making driving a truck more dangerous for the truck driver because the cars around it will be making aggressive maneuvers to get around it. This law is an overreach, if there is a problem with a few trucks speeding, you need to use the state patrol to in force the speed limit on those law-breaking drivers and not make this job more dangerous for the rest of us.”

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