2011 NEC NFPA “New” Rules Electrical Wiring, Lights

White wire required in switch boxes except 3- and 4-way sans luminaries / controllers.



Section 404.2 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) pertains to the requirements for luminaires (lighting fixtures) in specific locations. The 2011 update of the NEC introduced several changes and clarifications to this section. Here is an overview of the key points in NEC 2011, Section 404.2:

1. **General Requirements:** The section starts by outlining general requirements for luminaires installed indoors or outdoors. It specifies that luminaires shall be installed and maintained in accordance with their listing requirements, manufacturer’s instructions, and applicable codes and standards.

2. **Location Restrictions:** NEC 2011 includes specific restrictions on where luminaires can be installed. For example, luminaires are not allowed in clothes closets except where listed and marked for such use. This is to prevent potential fire hazards due to overheating.

3. **Wet and Damp Locations:** The update clarifies requirements for luminaires installed in wet or damp locations. Luminaires installed in wet locations must be identified for such use, while those in damp locations must be identified as suitable for damp locations.

4. **Outdoor Locations:** For luminaires installed outdoors, NEC 2011 specifies that they must be listed and identified for outdoor use. This includes considerations for weatherproofing, protection against moisture and corrosion, and durability in outdoor environments.

5. **Luminaires in Specific Areas:** The update also addresses luminaires installed in specific areas such as swimming pools, spas, and fountains. These luminaires must be listed and identified for the respective location, ensuring safety and compliance with applicable regulations.

6. **Hazardous Locations:** NEC 2011 provides requirements for luminaires installed in hazardous locations where flammable gases or vapors, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers may be present. Luminaires in such locations must be suitable for hazardous locations as per their listing and marking.

7. **Emergency Lighting:** The section includes provisions for emergency lighting luminaires, specifying requirements for their installation, operation, and testing to ensure reliability during emergency situations.

Overall, NEC 2011, Section 404.2 focuses on ensuring the safe and proper installation of luminaires in various locations and environments, taking into account factors such as moisture exposure, hazardous conditions, and emergency lighting needs. It emphasizes compliance with manufacturer instructions, listing requirements, and applicable codes to promote electrical safety and functionality.



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