Prof Hamamoto interviews James W Lee (AKA “APlaneTruth”) RE Cultural Forensics and Some of California’s Occulted, wildly interesting “alt” History

Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto, known for his work in cultural forensics, engages in critical analysis of the arts, social institutions, and media. His YouTube channel, “Cultural Forensics: Professor Hamamoto,” features discussions and lectures that delve into these subjects, providing insights into the underlying forces shaping contemporary culture .

James W. Lee, whom Professor Hamamoto has interacted with, focuses on topics such as the origins of the California genocide. They have collaborated in discussions and presentations, which are shared on platforms like YouTube, where Lee has shared insights from his work and research, as seen in the video “James W. Lee On Origins of California Genocide”.

For more detailed explorations of these topics, you can visit Professor Hamamoto’s YouTube channel and view specific discussions, including those with James W. Lee, to gain a deeper understanding of their research and perspectives in the realm of cultural forensics.

From the video comments —
“47:51 ie cabbage patch kids, orphan trains, etc”

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