Electromagnetic Frequency Patterns that are Crucial for Health and Disease reveal a Generalized Biophysical Principle: the GM scale


Solitons or polarons, as self-reinforcing solitary waves, interact with complex biological phenomena such as cellular self-organization. Such soliton models are able to describe a spectrum of electromagnetism (EM) modalities, that can be applied to understand the physical principles of biological effects in living cells, as caused by endogenous and exogenous electromagnetic fields, on the basis of quantum coherence.

A bio-soliton model was earlier developed by us, that enables to predict which eigen-frequencies of non-thermal EM waves, are life-sustaining and which are, in contrast, detrimental for living cells.

The particular effects of the proposed coherent wave pattern are exerted by a range of EM-wave eigen-frequencies of one- tenth of a Hertz till Peta Hertz, representing a pattern of twelve bands, that can be positioned on an acoustic frequency scale.

The discrete pattern was revealed by a meta-analysis of 219 published papers of biological EM-radiation experiments, in which a spectrum of non-thermal EM fields were exposed to living cells and intact organisms.

In follow-up studies, we analyzed 120 articles on cancer-promoting and inhibiting EM fields, of which the frequency patterns fully confirmed the inferred model.

Finally we analyzed experimental data out of 27 recent publications on laser mediated radiation therapy, for a spectrum of disorders such as traumatic brain injury, depressive disorders and neurological defects, confirming the general predictive force of our life algorithm.


It is postulated that long-distance control of cellular morphology and fine tuning of cellular networks by soliton-waves, is instrumental in providing a morphogenetic field that maintains cellular health. The latter also may have played a role in the initiation of first life in biological evolution [GOD PROBABLY SANG IN PURE TONES AND MIXTURES THEREOF ?]. The particular parametric resonance may provide positional information and cues to regulate organism-wide system properties like anatomy, control of reproduction as well as gene expression and repair.

In addition, potential damaging effects of non- ionizing electromagnetic fields on life systems can be counteracted by dedicated phyllosilicate (clay) nano-materials, that were shown by us to exhibit semi- conducting EM field properties.

A related protective technology was designed on the principle of toroidal trapping, since torus geometry adequately generates a coherent field of frequencies and thereby induces coherent oscillations of macromolecules.

Our papers, collectively, picture the rapidly growing and dynamic field of molecular electromagnetics, that currently shows promising clinical effects in the treatment of various sincere, and often, chronic diseases.


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The abstract provided hints at a topic that delves into the intricate relationship between electromagnetic frequency patterns, human health, and disease, ultimately proposing a generalized biophysical principle that underpins this complex interaction. Let’s expand on this abstract further:

### Introduction to Electromagnetic Frequency Patterns

Electromagnetic fields are ubiquitous in our environment, emanating from natural sources like the Earth’s magnetic field and cosmic radiation, as well as human-made sources such as electronic devices and power lines. Within this electromagnetic spectrum, various frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic waves interact with biological systems, including the human body.

### Crucial Role in Health and Disease

Research suggests that specific electromagnetic frequency patterns play a crucial role in maintaining health and well-being. For instance, the body’s bioelectrical systems, including nerve impulses and cellular communication, rely on precise electromagnetic signals for proper functioning. Disruptions or imbalances in these electromagnetic patterns can contribute to various health issues and diseases.

### Generalized Biophysical Principle

The proposed generalized biophysical principle seeks to explain the fundamental mechanisms by which electromagnetic frequency patterns impact human biology. This principle may encompass concepts such as resonance, where certain frequencies resonate with biological structures or processes, affecting their stability or functionality. It could also involve the idea of electromagnetic signaling, where electromagnetic waves act as communication channels within the body, coordinating physiological responses.

### Implications for Research and Medicine

Understanding the biophysical principles underlying electromagnetic frequency patterns and their effects on health and disease has profound implications for research and medical practice. It opens avenues for exploring electromagnetic therapies, bioelectromagnetic medicine, and personalized approaches to healthcare based on individual electromagnetic profiles. Additionally, it highlights the importance of mitigating harmful electromagnetic exposures and promoting environments that support biological resonance and balance.

### Conclusion

In conclusion, the exploration of electromagnetic frequency patterns as they relate to human health and disease unveils a fascinating area of study at the intersection of physics, biology, and medicine. By elucidating a generalized biophysical principle governing these interactions, we gain insights that could revolutionize healthcare strategies, electromagnetic technologies, and our understanding of the intricate harmony between living organisms and their electromagnetic environment.

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