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John Worrell Keely, an American inventor who claimed to have found a new motive power called etheric force.

He claimed this force was liberated through what he terms sympathetic vibration or sonic resonance.

It is claimed JWK was able to use this force to produce different of motion including levitation.

One of this first and simplest levitation experiments was the “weights in jars” experiment.

By plucking the strings of the small musical instrument the resonant vibrations would attract the same weight at the bottom of the water-filled flask.

By playing what he called the “mass chord” on the zither, a sympathetic vibration would carry through the wire to the disc atop the flask.  The mass would vibrate at resonance and be attracted upwards.  This he called “sympathetic vibration”.

“Gravity Overcome”

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yo this experimentation is profound. i’ve researched on this and knew about keeley’s work but didn’t see anyone take it and experimented with his theories not only that there are experiments where sound can levitate things in a confined space but this specific experiment demonstrates resonance being a strong driver of moving objects, this is crazy! its only this video and another video i’ve seen using vibration to display things are profound.”

If some of Keely’s tests were viable, the vibrational work he did is related to Peltier Effect, Seebeck effect, and thermocouples. Yes, this is substantiated by 2 other researchers I came across. Keely tech notes found in book- Snell Manuscript – see SVP Mr. Pond. Also a web site was shutdown years ago and showed a thermocouple on digital weight scales losing weight. A french scientist operated a weightless floating diragable frame with sandwiched plates at either end and connected to high frequencies. Keely used silver, platinum, and gold wires due to the resistivity ratios and purity. The signals going down wire are interrupted by the “node” connection to other metal. Upper inharmonics are generated that effect mass. Building codes now only allow copper wiring, and not mixed with aluminum as causing feedback frequencies and harmonics , and hot spot connections. Keely said he could control the forces of nature with harmonics in certain ratios to resonant frequencies. (Mass cords) His sonic one ton gravity control lift machine easily floated with controlled frequencies which he did, adjusted some by ear, since he was also a musician and knew chord notes.”




Aristotle, from The Nicomachean ethics….”to educate the mind without educating the heart is a wasted education”.


Unveiling John Worrell Keely: The Discovery of Etheric Force and Sympathetic Vibration

John Worrell Keely, a 19th-century inventor and scientist, made groundbreaking discoveries in the realm of motive power, introducing the concept of etheric force and its liberation through sympathetic vibration or sonic resonance. In this blog post, we explore Keely’s revolutionary work, the concept of etheric force, and its implications for understanding energy and vibration.

### The Enigmatic John Worrell Keely

John Worrell Keely was a self-taught inventor and researcher who gained attention for his claims of discovering a new form of energy he termed etheric force. Keely’s unconventional methods and theories challenged established scientific norms of his time, sparking both intrigue and skepticism among his contemporaries.

### Etheric Force: A New Frontier in Energy

Keely proposed that etheric force, a subtle and powerful energy source, permeated the universe and could be harnessed for motive power. Unlike traditional mechanical or chemical energy, etheric force operated on principles of vibration, resonance, and sympathetic harmony, leading to its classification as a form of “sympathetic energy.”

### Sympathetic Vibration and Sonic Resonance

Central to Keely’s theories was the concept of sympathetic vibration, where objects or systems in harmonic resonance could influence each other’s behavior. Keely claimed that by inducing sympathetic vibrations through sound frequencies or sonic resonance, he could unlock and harness the latent energy of etheric force, enabling remarkable feats of motive power.

### Keely’s Experiments and Demonstrations

Keely conducted numerous experiments and demonstrations to showcase the potential of etheric force and sympathetic vibration. These included devices such as the “Keely Motor,” which purportedly operated on etheric force principles, as well as demonstrations of levitation and seemingly miraculous energy transmissions.

### Controversy and Legacy

Despite Keely’s claims and demonstrations, his work faced skepticism and controversy, with critics questioning the scientific basis and reproducibility of his experiments. Keely’s legacy remains a subject of debate, with some viewing him as a visionary ahead of his time and others dismissing his work as pseudoscience or fraud.

### Modern Perspectives and Exploration

In modern times, Keely’s concepts of etheric force, sympathetic vibration, and energy resonance continue to intrigue researchers and enthusiasts exploring alternative energy sources and unconventional physics. While Keely’s specific claims may remain controversial, his contributions to the exploration of energy, vibration, and resonance have inspired ongoing investigations into the fundamental principles of the universe.

### Conclusion: A Journey into Vibrational Energy

John Worrell Keely’s exploration of etheric force and sympathetic vibration represents a fascinating journey into the realms of energy, vibration, and resonance. While his work may remain enigmatic and contested, Keely’s ideas challenge us to reconsider our understanding of energy and the potential for unlocking new sources of motive power through harmonic resonance and sympathetic harmony.

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