DEW vs Baltimore Key Bridge — Incredible 80-part unique, alternative thesis exploring use of energy weapons for economically gainful take-down

Incredible 80-part unique, alternative thesis exploring use of energy weapons for economically gainful take-down

DEW vs Baltimore Key Bridge

DEW vs Baltimore Key Bridge
FSK’s combination design (steel arch-shaped continuous through truss bridge) was used for strength and stability – its take-down required melting by DEW at multiple strikepoints, all visible as orange-hot fiery outbursts in both angles of the original nighttime footage.

Title: The Strategic Takedown of Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge: An Alternate Likelihood


Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, once a critical artery for the Port of Baltimore, was mysteriously destroyed in a cataclysmic event that left the city reeling. This blog post explores the theory that directed energy weapons were used to melt and raze the bridge, with the intention of transforming the port into a mega-hub of commerce. This positive, conspiratorial view delves into the political and economic motivations behind the event, examining the roles of key figures and the unprecedented militarization of the project.

The Bridge’s Strategic Importance and Limitations

The Francis Scott Key Bridge was an essential structure for the Port of Baltimore, yet it had significant limitations. Too short and with pillars that choked the main shipping channel, the bridge hindered the port’s potential to become a mega-port. Massive Chinese container cranes were brought in a few years before the bridge’s takedown, signaling a push towards expanding the port’s capabilities. However, the bridge’s structural issues stood in the way.

Directed Energy Weapons: The Smoking Gun

Eyewitness accounts and night-time footage revealed “orange-hot fiery outbursts” and the dramatic melting and warping of steel girders atop the north pillar, which were left warped, wilted and drooping for weeks. These signs point towards the use of directed energy weapons (DEWs), an exotic military technology introduced in 1983 by President Reagan as Strategic Defense Initiative (“SDI” AKA “STAR WARS”) capable of weakening and melting steel within moments. The visible evidence of melted and wilted girders hanging from the bridge’s remnants for weeks supports this theory. Such precision and power suggest a deliberate operation.

Political and Economic Motivations

The destruction of the bridge can be seen as a strategic move to secure immediate federal funding for cleanup, dredging, and the construction of a new, more suitable bridge. This not only addressed the bridge’s limitations but also provided an economic boost to the region. The inversion of public backlash was managed through a carefully crafted narrative, emphasizing the necessity of modernization and safety.

The Role of Governor Wes Moore and Military Involvement

Maryland’s Governor, a former military officer and Rhodes Scholar, likely played a pivotal role in the operation. His background provided the necessary expertise to navigate the complexities of such a high-stakes project. The militarization of the project under “unified command” ensured strict control and efficient execution. This level of involvement points towards a coordinated effort with the use DEWs as a primary but secreted tool in the bridge’s takedown. The official story of ‘one ship took down the pillar’ echoes the 911 story and also the JFK assassination story (‘one lone nut took out the President’) and provides useful mislead into endless morass.

Tradepoint Atlantic and Allegations of Payola

The involvement of Tradepoint Atlantic at Sparrows Point adds another layer to this conspiracy. Suspected payola suggests financial motivations behind the project. The potential for lucrative contracts and economic benefits from transforming the port into a mega-hub cannot be ignored.


While the “DEW vs Baltimore Key Bridge” theory of using directed energy weapons to destroy the Francis Scott Key Bridge may seem far-fetched to some, the evidence and motivations presented offer a compelling case. This positive, conspiratorial view highlights the strategic benefits of the operation, transforming Baltimore’s port and securing economic prosperity for the region. The involvement of key political and military figures underscores the importance and complexity of this project. As we continue to explore and understand these events, it is crucial to remain balanced and fair, acknowledging the potential benefits while critically examining the methods employed.

Baltimore Key Bridge is self-supporting - DEW melted multiple strike-points to allow collapse
Baltimore Key Bridge is self-supporting – DEW melted multiple strike-points to allow collapse

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